Jackie’s account of being the first client at TBRP Detox House

recovery stories - jackie at The Basement Recovery ProjectHello, my name is Jackie,

I have had the golden opportunity to be the first client at The Basement Detox House, Elland.

Until March this year [2014] I had been almost 15 months clear of alcohol. During this period I survived the excuses and temptations to start drinking which could have easily taken hold – these were: the death of my mother in law; diagnosed osteoporosis and sleep apnoea; breast and lymph cancer with chemo and radiotherapy treatments; my mother having to have a mastectomy due to cancer; moving house (still on-going); attending meetings; social workers; caring for my family, home, husband and 10 year old son.

I didn’t read the warning signs even though I have pre-recovery and abstinence experience, step work and meetings under my belt. I relapsed big-time. It was unforgiving and vile. I crashed into a wall of despair. I felt frail, vulnerable and scared. I needed to get out of my home, which was my trigger – my lonely reclusive pit of depravity and doubt. It was hell. That one little drink got me in this state and I could not get out. Hopelessly I fell – laying my soul open to death. I couldn’t give anything anymore except indulging in self-pity and self-loathing – I excelled at that! My head had gone into meltdown.

So, after a failed suicide attempt I ended up at A&E and Graham, my key-worker, who stayed with me most of that day and the next, worked on getting me into The Dales to detox. Having been there for 12 days I was discharged – still vulnerable mentally. Four days later I was back on the Vodka again – this time, only for one week. I then started the process to prepare to go to the new Detox House. Thank God! I seriously needed help!

At the back end of April I walked in to The Detox House, with my husband and son in tow. We received a warm and inviting welcome from the Team and after cups of tea, got on with the induction/ admission process. After my family left, and I’d settled in to my new surroundings, I had chance to take in the positive feel of the place.

The Detox House is well equipped, clean and very comfortable. The team are professional in their care and commitment to the individual needs of the clients. It is a happy, positive, friendly and relaxed environment, essential to encourage well-being. Trust me – I have been fortunate enough to stay for a month whilst my radiotherapy treatment programme took place and also fortunate to be here when two other clients started their Detox programmes. Apart from the shared cooking and cleaning duties, there are the Process Group Sessions, Relaxation Sessions and in-house Recovery Workshops. We travel to The Basement Project and Conn3ct for Here and Now, NA/AA meetings, SMART Recovery, take local walks by the canals and join in with the Jive experience on Thursdays (optional!). Evenings have been spent outdoing each other at board games, dominoes and the Wii or simply relaxing in front of the TV.

This detox house has been a sanctuary for me, a life-line to get back my focus and direction. It has sowed the seeds for hope and aspiration. It’s opened my eyes to my capabilities, achievements and failings. I am getting my confidence back. It will take time and a lot of hard graft and humility,but I’m now in a good place and looking forward to Rehab in June.recovery stories - TBRP Halifax

Remember it is easy to forget how to appreciate the little things in life that make you smile. We take our lives for granted. I know I have, but now I’m abstinent, I’ve got to make it count and to be honest and true to myself. I can’t wait – watch out world – here I come!

My huge thanks go to the Detox Team – Larry, James, Tim, Edmund, Marie and Steve; Volunteers – Andrew, Richard and Sue; Detox Buddies – Richard and Tom and finally Conn3ct’s – Graeme and Tara.


Jak x

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“Forgiveness and letting go are steps on our road back to happiness.”