Therapeutic Communal Living

Our houses offer first and second stage accommodation, lasting for up to 12 months. Our first stage house, based close to Halifax town centre and our community recovery hub, has beautiful rooms, stunning views over the town and a wonderful garden that residents can cultivate and grow their own vegetables. Our second home, decorated to the same high standards is situated in the market town of Elland, close by the River Calder and the Calder and Hebble Navigation canal.

Both houses offer a comfortable home with a range of treatment options depending on where you are on your recovery journey. They operate along the lines of a therapeutic community, offering a person-centred approach and individual treatment plans within an evidence-based structured programme.

Our accommodation provides a safe and friendly environment in which clients can build confidence and motivation whilst addressing their own particular difficulties with addiction. The atmosphere is always friendly and warm and residents are encouraged to support and respect each other at all times. Our clients are supported in engaging in group sessions and one-to-one meetings, with the whole aim being independent living, free from addiction.

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. We can’t do that for you but we can help you with every step from there. Our Therapeutic Community Project helps individuals to maintain an alcohol and drug-free lifestyle by establishing an environment that supports abstinence and recovery.

A period of sober living can be a shield from the worst temptations for those first craving-filled months and allows recovering addicts to get back into and contribute to their local community at their own pace.

What is TBTCP?

The Basement Therapeutic Community Project (TBTCP) is a safe, secure, practical and supported two stage residential accommodation for people who are in the early stages of recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction.

The aim is to provide 24/7 recovery therapy, together with holistic support into stable accommodation, employment and/or training, enabling successful independent living in the community.

The atmosphere in all the Basement Recovery Project services is warm, supportive and welcoming. We approach each client’s treatment holistically and collaboratively – each client being involved fully in treatment planning to ensure the best chance of lasting success.

Abstinence is the foundation of the on-going alcohol and drug recovery process and all residents are required to maintain abstinence throughout their stay. The service has been developed to complement the Basement Recovery Programme.

Clients are expected to engage in positive activities and services throughout their stay, and in the latter stages, they are encouraged to contribute to the Calderdale Recovery Community.

This unique approach gives people the chance to rebuild their lives and reach their potential.

Getting Started

If you think you meet the criteria above and would like to start your road to recovery, we will arrange an initial one-to-one confidential assessment. You will have a chance to look around, talk to people who are progressing through the programme and get a feel if this is the right environment for you. If you are enquiring on behalf of a loved one who needs help, please contact us in confidence.

What a client can expect

  • You will have your own named support worker who will arrange one-to-one support sessions with you but can ask for support at any time
  • You will have a Client Agreement and a Licence Agreement, which set out our obligations to you and your responsibilities to us with regard to your support and accommodation
  • You have a right to privacy, however, random supervised spot checks of your room may be carried out from time to time
  • You will have a recovery plan, which will be reviewed at least every month or when your needs significantly change or when requested
  • You will have the right to disagree with needs assessments and recovery plans and the right to appeal if you disagree with any decisions
  • You have a right to confidentiality and also to see written information about yourself, in accordance with our Confidentiality Policy, which will be explained to you
  • You have the right to be treated with dignity and respect and without discrimination
  • We will give you the opportunity to receive information about the cultural, spiritual and religious resources available in the area
  • We will consult you about the service we provide and any changes we propose and we will ask for feedback about your experience

Summary of Services

Referral Route:

  • Self-referral
  • Statutory & Non-statutory agencies
  • Probation services
  • Prison services

Age / Sex:

  • 25-65 males only


  • Couples
  • People with pets
  • People with multiple disabilities
  • People with a history of violence
  • People with dementia
  • People with challenging behaviour
  • People with arson convictions

Outline of Support Offered:

  • Maintaining a sober and drug-free lifestyle
  • Developing a new personal recovery network
  • Setting up & maintaining a home or tenancy
  • Developing domestic/life skills
  • Developing social skills/behaviour management
  • Advice, advocacy and liaison
  • Managing finances & benefit claims
  • Emotional support
  • Establishing personal safety & security
  • Peer support and befriending
  • Access and support to secure permanent accommodation
The Basement therapeutic communal living
community sober living

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