Addiction Recovery Stories – Kelly

Kelly - 18 months sober from alcohol addiction.

Name: Kelly

Age: 35

Problem: Alcohol

Recovery Time: 13 Months Sober
(at time of publishing)

When did you first start using?

I was 11 when I first started drinking. I turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism from an early age to deal with childhood trauma. I’d seen my family members use alcohol to cope with the day to day so in a way, it was sort of ingrained in me that alcohol would help.

When did it become a problem?

It’s never really not been a problem. I believe that from starting to drink from an early age, that obsession of the mind had set in. Even when drinking socially, I’d go hard and fast and each time I’d be smashed before leaving the house. Things became unmanageable when I drank. Relationships would suffer but I was indifferent to the consequences because all I cared about was drink.

What made you get help?

I’d had an attempt at recovery previously but soon after thinking I was doing alright, the obsession returned and I was back at square one, only worse than before. The feelings paralysed me and I felt hopeless. The consequences of my drinking this time stripped me of everything. It resulted in the temporary removal of my children and my relationship broke down with my partner. This finally made me surrender and ask for help. I was really willing to do anything it took to get sober and stay sober.

Why the Basement Recovery Project?

I knew about The Basement from my first go at recovery so I was familiar with the Freedom Programme they ran and the people who it had helped. I’d seen people get clean and stay clean who’d come through and I wanted to do the same.

Where would you be now?

If I’d carried on at the rate I was drinking, I honestly don’t think I would’ve survived to this point. I certainly wouldn’t have had a home or contact with my children. My partner and I wouldn’t have reconciled either.

How is life today?

Life today is manageable. I’ve learnt to have faith and let God do for me what I couldn’t do for myself. I can deal with things today without turning to alcohol. My children are back in my life and have the Mummy today they were always meant to have. I’ve completed 28 weeks of structured support through The Basement including the Freedom Programme and I’m a regular service member of my local Mutual Aid groups. I also support other women to follow a programme of recovery and enjoy the benefits that a life free of substances has to offer.


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“You never fail until you stop trying.”