Addiction Recovery Stories – Zoe

zoe with frankie - addiction recovery stories

Name: Zoe

Age: 36

Problem: Drugs and Alcohol

Recovery Time: 6 Months
(at time of publishing)

When did you first start using?

I was probably about 18 when I first started drinking. This was socially at weekends with friends then it started to get more frequent as I got older. I started using other substances when I was about 28.

When did it become a problem?

It was after a few years of using other substances that things started to get problematic. My spending started to get out of control and I was selling my possessions to buy drugs. I was seeing my family less and less and life revolved around getting and using drugs. Now when I look back at this time, things were pretty miserable.

addiction recovery stories - zoe at the Basement Recovery Project
Zoe from the Basement Recovery Project - addiction recovery story

What made you get help?

In summer 2020, I developed really severe stomach pains which I believed were a result of damage I’d done to my liver through drinking. I was taken to hospital by ambulance and admitted to A&E. After about 10-15 minutes, a nurse came to see me and told me I was in labour and needed to give birth. I was in shock and disbelief. I’d been told years before by a doctor that I wasn’t able to have children. 20 minutes after the nurse told me this, I’d welcomed my baby boy into the world. I talked to the hospital staff about my substance issues and they put things in place to get me some help with this. A detox worker from TBRP visited me in hospital and I started my recovery journey from there.

zoe at christmas - addiction recovery halifax tbrp
zoe outdoors enjoying her recovery from addiction - the basement project halifax
addiction recovery - zoe from the basement recovery project

Why the Basement Recovery Project?

As an unexpectedly new mum, I felt quite overwhelmed with where to go and what to do next. I knew I wanted to get well for myself and my son but didn’t know where to start. The Basement Project guided me through one day at a time. I accessed their supported housing while my son was in the care of my parents. This time allowed me to put a solid recovery foundation in place and work with services to map out a long term plan so I could progress with my recovery and be the best mum I could be. I’m still in touch with my recovery family even now I’m back at home with my son and group support and connection remains a big part of my recovery today.

Where would you be now?

Without coming into recovery, I think I’d still be doing what I was doing. Life would still be hard work and chaotic and my physical health would be even worse than it was then.

recovery family - zoe from the basement recovery project

How is life today?

Brilliant! I’m so happy building a new life for me and my son. My relationship with my family is really good and I feel like I’m a sister, a daughter and an auntie again, as well as a mum. I’ve made lots of close friends in recovery and life today really couldn’t be better.


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“There’s an important difference between giving up and letting go.”