The TBRP Recovery Programme

Freedom Programme

The Basement Project’s Freedom Programme is designed to help those of us who suffer from repeated drug and alcohol misuse (addiction). It is for people who are sick and tired of living an addicts life and all the mental, social, emotional and physical misery that go with it.

The Freedom Programme is the foundation of successful recovery outcomes. It is designed, written and delivered by people in recovery from addiction. It is a ‘toolbox’ drawn from personal experiences, knowledge and achievements of those who have journeyed their own recovery path.

Criteria for Attending

The Basement Project’s Freedom Programme is not for everyone. You must want to embrace positive change into your life without your “drug of choice”. Clients who wish to attend will be expected to engage in all aspects of the programme. You must have a place to live and if on prescribed medication for addiction, you must be ready to reduce (we can help with that too). If you are currently with any care services, they must be involved in all stages of your recovery. Clients may be expected to undertake voluntary drug testing throughout the programme in order to continue their attendance.

What does the Freedom Programme consist of?

Recovery Basics

During this phase, you will be supported to reduce your alcohol/drug use and to help prepare for medical detoxification if this is necessary.

Eight group sessions cover; an introduction to the nature of addiction, why we do what we do and why we can’t seem to stop, dealing with the triggers and cravings that keep us on that downward spiral and an understanding of how you have arrived here at TBRP along with other people just like you.

We will look at the meaning of ‘detox’ and its function, not as a magic wand to ‘treat’ addiction, but as the first step to recovery. We will then start planning for life immediately after detox.

Where appropriate, you will be encouraged to attend AA/NA, SMART Recovery and our own Here and Now and Process group meetings, as well as other recovery activities. These groups will expose you to other people in recovery, some who are further in their journey and whom you can speak with and connect with to aid your own recovery.


The Basement Recovery Project runs its own detoxification centre and works with a number of organisations who carry out medical detoxification.  Not everybody will need medical detoxification and this will be assessed, with your input, at the start of the Recovery Basics phase of the programme.

Active Recovery

Now that any physical dependency of your addiction has been addressed we take an in-depth look at the mental and emotional aspects during the next twenty-four sessions of the Freedom Programme.

You must be abstinent from both alcohol and drugs by this stage and be willing to undergo random testing.

During the sessions, we will explore the concepts of recovery in depth. You will be shown how to develop your own recovery ‘toolbox’ of strategies to prevent ‘relapse’ and a supporting network of other people in recovery. It will be reinforced that this is a ‘we’ process – “only you can do it, but you can’t do it alone”.

You will learn to be more aware and accepting of your feelings and emotions, and to act on them in more constructive ways. We practice this in Here and Now and Process groups.  We also introduce you to the Five Ways to Wellbeing, a set of realistic, achievable actions we can incorporate into our day-to-day activities, helping us to feel happier and more content with our lives while building confidence and recovery capital.

Here and Now / Process Groups

These groups provide a unique opportunity to receive multiple perspectives, support, encouragement and feedback from other individuals in a safe and confidential environment.

These interpersonal interactions can provide you with an opportunity to deepen your level of self-awareness. Together, we then help each other plan on how to deal with our issues. Groups are facilitated by a peer who is in recovery.

Volunteers and Recovery Builders

Volunteers are involved with other recovery activities at TBRP as well as the wider community; from volunteering at breakfast club to helping reduce the stigma associated with drink and drug dependency and addiction, promoting TBRP and the TBRP Freedom Programme, attending events locally and nationally, speaking at conferences and to the media.  In time, and after completing the Freedom Programme, you may decide you would like to take on one of these roles yourself.

You may wish to broaden your participation in the community.  Our Recovery Builders help to coordinate, support and resource the development of our recovery communities within our local areas to meet the aims of Calderdale in Recovery and Kirklees in Recovery.

Throughout the programme, you will be in contact with volunteers and recovery builders who are in recovery. These people have completed the Freedom Programme and are there to support you by offering their experience, both in and out of groups, on an informal basis. This work is an important part of their own recovery and you will be helping them as much as they help you.

“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to continually be afraid you will make one.”