The Guy in The Glass

Our Movie about finding Recovery from Addiction

This film follows Colin and his sub-conscious, represented by a cat. Colin is an addict who is sick and tired of being sick and tired, trapped in the vicious cycle of addiction. Struggling to find his way through a maze, a maze which represents the possible never ending road of promises of getting well…

Will he find his way out?


This film was written and performed by people in Recovery who have come through the Basement Recovery Freedom Programme and are now abstinent from alcohol and drugs. We produced it with the professional help of DMC Media. Although light hearted, and we had much fun making the film, writing the script etc, there is a serious message here. That message is:

You can not do it alone. If you are an addict of the addict type you can not control your drinking or drugging, you can not stay in the same social circle as you once used in, but you can get well where you got sick, and you can do that through connecting with others in Recovery – addicts helping addicts. After all, we are experts by experience !

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