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Recovering addict produces video to raise awareness

Recovering addict, Vickie Lee, has produced a video featuring people in recovery from Calderdale and Kirklees, to raise awareness of addiction:

“I made a conscious decision in making this short film as it is something I wish I had been able to access and see a few years ago. I believe education is the key to alerting individuals to the risks associated with substance use and abuse and being able to recognise the signs, in both yourself and in others in your life. This should be done earlier in people’s lives to help reduce the risk of active addiction taking over and robbing you and your family of years of absence and pain.

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An eye opener for Mental Health Student


Thank you to everyone at The Basement Recovery Project Huddersfield, AKA The Corner. Some of you have been kind enough to share your experiences with me and now I feel comfortable enough to share with you a few of mine.

I find myself in a bit of a quandary. Before starting this placement three months ago I was happily bobbling along with little regard to the amount of alcohol and drugs I consumed.

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Time for a Lecture

Having spent much of our lives in the depths of addiction, we are quite used to getting a lecture or two. So when we were approached by University of Huddersfield to actually deliver one, panic set in. After all, what do we know about addiction? I guessed being “experts by experience” we might have enough knowledge to fill a couple of hours speaking at the award winning University so agreed to drag along a few ‘recoverees’. Here is an account of the day, from Nicola…

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Educating University of Huddersfield

TBRP was invited to give a presentation to 2nd year undergraduate student nurses at Huddersfield University on the subject of alcohol and drug addiction, recovery and all that goes with it.

Danielle and I were asked if we would share our experiences from chaos to recovery and describe our journey so far. How could we refuse an opportunity to talk about something we are experts in – our own recovery.

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