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Thank you to Big Lottery Fund

As we approach the end of Year 5 of our Big Lottery Funding, we look back in pride at the distance travelled and the learning undertaken as we have, over time, redesigned service provision across the Kirklees area.

An eye opener for Mental Health Student


Thank you to everyone at The Basement Recovery Project Huddersfield, AKA The Corner. Some of you have been kind enough to share your experiences with me and now I feel comfortable enough to share with you a few of mine.

I find myself in a bit of a quandary. Before starting this placement three months ago I was happily bobbling along with little regard to the amount of alcohol and drugs I consumed.

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Recovery in Kirklees

I first came to TBRP @ The Corner 12 months ago with more than my fare share of issues; I was drinking too much, I had problems with my kidneys, under active thyroid, high blood pressure, chronic back pain, depression and to top it all I was feeling really alone and lost.

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Surprising Sophistication

TBRP-blog-surprising-sophisticationIt’s now about 4 months since we met Larry Eve at The Corner and offered to run an introductory course in person-Centred counselling skills. Next Monday sees us at week 9 of the 10-week course and my co-trainer (also my husband) and I are learning at least as much as the participants. Most of the trainees, though not all, are in recovery. Before we began the course I imagined that this group might be a bit different to the students and trainees I’ve taught and facilitated over a period of some 35 years. I was completely correct in my assumption – but not for the reasons I imagined.

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Festival of Light

Back in November the Managers of the Sikh Leisure Centre invited The Corner; Larry Eve, Marie Reilly, Clare Earle, James McCord, Michael Walker, Alan Dickinson and Wayne Cartwright to celebrate DIWALI, The Festival of Light at the leisure centre.

We had a three course buffet which was provided by Lalas. It was fabulous and met everybody’s taste!

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On to a Winner with The Corner – addict in recovery

My name is Sue and I’m an addict in recovery. After 32 years of active addiction I am now finally abstinent and I have been for 11 months

I managed to do this with the help of The Corner (part of The Basement Recovery Project) recovery programme and going to fellowship meetings (NA), both of which I’d never heard of 12 months ago. About 10 months ago whilst at The Corner I was asked if I would like to attend a meeting about the ‘multiple and complex needs project’.

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The Corner gets a Makeover from LBG

Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) have pledged 1 million hours of our time to be spent helping projects in our local community. These hours are funded entirely by the group with extra support being given to buy tools and materials. The project undertaken at The Corner in Huddersfield, run by TBRP, comprised of improving the environment from something to ‘put up with’ to something to be proud of and enjoy (and Larry wanted an office bigger than him, which seemed reasonable). We painted the walls downstairs, cleaned the communal kitchen upstairs in order to secure a reduced rental rate for the Project, and built a new self-contained office space upstairs.

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Healthy Eating for Huddersfield

The Healthy Eating course was the first course the WEA (Workers Educational Association) had run at The Corner and I’m hoping that it will be the first of many! The brief given to me was to design and teach a two hour session each week over a period of six weeks, a short course that would encourage healthy eating and cooking on a budget.

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Making a Difference with Lloyds

As an organisation we are really keen to support local communities and charities. To support this vision Lloyds Banking Group allow colleagues one day a year where we can leave the confines of the office/branches and volunteer our services to help others… internally this is known as “Day 2 Make A Difference (D2MAD)”. Usually these days are carried out as teams as a great opportunity to do something together however we are able to donate the hours over a period of time – it is the colleague choice.

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The Corner Update

TheCornerV3_Blue (500x167)In our very first issue of RecoveryTimes we reported on a grant from the Big Lottery to fund recovery activity in Kirklees. Well, following our opening in February last year The Corner has established itself as the hub for a network of recovery opportunities and activities in Huddersfield. The project is about establishing a recovery culture and to improve the opportunities for individuals to sustain recovery locally by effective community engagement. This allows recovering people who are energetic, driven, and optimistic, a focused community hub for their activities.

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