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Women’s Recovery Retreat

“We spent two wonderful days just outside Settle at Hortons Women’s Retreat in the first weekend in June. To be honest, the thought of 15 of us all together came with a slight nervousness as to how we would last an entire weekend. Not everyone knew each other from across the TBRP hubs so it was a great way to connect and do some bonding, especially as we were sleeping in bunk beds, cooking, and generally supporting one another.”

Volunteer Presentation Ceremony

In recognition of all those who volunteer within DISC and The Basement Recovery Project, Christina Howard and Andy Bryant planned and produced a special Volunteer Appreciation Presentation Ceremony held at the Basement on Wednesday 1st June 2016, which coincided nicely with National Volunteers Week. A local celebrity, in the form of the recently elected Mayor of Halifax, was cordially invited to hand out the ‘Certificates of Appreciation’ to all those who were able to attend, which was roughly about seventy five percent of us and, when all sat together, we made a rather large group of particularly attractive people.

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Ann's Addiction Recovery Story from Alcoholism

Name: Ann
Age: 50
Problem: Alcohol – over 25 years
Abstinent: 13 months (and counting)

I can see now, after working through all aspects of my recovery, with TBRP and AA that I was born an alcoholic. By that I mean I had a reaction to alcohol that produced the addiction, this ‘ism’ that I now understand and recognise completely as being prevalent in me from an early age; the mental compulsion and, most definitely, the spiritual malady.

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The Basement Recovery Project Celebrates Five Years in Business

tbrp-birthday-blog-balloonsNow into its 6th year we interview The Basement Recovery Project CEO, Michelle Foster.

In her busy schedule, Richard managed to grab five minutes with Michelle to find out how it all started:

The Basement Project started as a service user group in 2006 with Stuart Honor. At the time I was volunteering with Lifeline, SMS and Probation and I was doing it because I was on sabbatical from university. I got involved with Calderdale User Forum at Christmas 2006 because we used to do Christmas dinners and I just thought ‘that’s where I need to be really.

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Stan’s Story – amphetamines addiction

Most of my life I’ve been in some sort of addiction, right from being a child. From the age of twelve I used to steal money from my mother for slot-machines and stuff like that, but I never knew I had a problem I just used to do that. I left school and got involved in crime, started sniffing glue; went from sniffing glue to amphetamines. I stopped doing amphetamines for a while, settled down with a girlfriend, had my first child with her at the age of twenty-one. My girlfriend became pregnant again a year-and-a-half later, by then I’d started doing amphetamines again; slowly my relationship was breaking down, it came to an end and I just started hitting the clubs and drinking.

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Martin’s Happy Days 2013

This year’s event took place on Sunday 16th June, again at the Arden Road Social Club, and again completely sold out. Initial estimates of the days fundraising matched last years at around £5500, with other activity monies still to come – amazing! Shortly after the event, I commented on the MHD facebook page:

“It is a week ago since the 2nd Martin’s Happy Days event and I felt I had to say a little something. I wanted to post something after getting home on the night but I just couldn’t find the words, and a week later I still can’t find the right words to express all my emotions, thoughts and feelings but here are a few that are on my mind …

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A Warm Welcome to Basement House

In the beginning…

For anyone who remembers the start of TBRP, they will tell you we began as Calderdale User Forum in 2006, which consisted of a small office at CSMS, and 3 hours of time each week in a dark basement at the YMCA. The facilities were out of date, we had unwelcome, hungry visitors in the kitchen, and the weekly breakfast served about 20 people.

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TBRP Receives Royal Seal of Approval

THE BASEMENT RECOVERY PROJECT RECEIVES ROYAL SEAL OF APPROVAL The Duke of York’s Community Initiative held its annual award ceremony at the Army Foundation College in Harrogate on Tuesday 11th Oct 2011. The Duke of York visited Yorkshire to present the Awards personally to Yorkshire organisations that have transformed the lives of their community.