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In at the Deep End

And you thought Tough Mudder was tough?

We throw Lee in at the deep end at University of Huddersfield

Hudds_UniversityThis is my first time being in recovery and I’m learning new things about myself every day. I do share in meetings but sometimes I get really self-obsessed and struggle to share. So when Heath approached me and asked if I would come along and help him with a presentation he was doing at University of Huddersfield, my first reaction was I can’t do that. Read more

Forging Ties with the Foundation

The Basement Recovery Project facilitated two information workshops for Huddersfield NHS Trust Community Services which included staff members from District Nurses, Community Matrons and the Supporting Independent Living team. The workshops consisted of the history of TBRP, the journey of two services users from the project who are in recovery and a general discussion around alcohol and drug misuse.

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Educating University of Huddersfield

TBRP was invited to give a presentation to 2nd year undergraduate student nurses at Huddersfield University on the subject of alcohol and drug addiction, recovery and all that goes with it.

Danielle and I were asked if we would share our experiences from chaos to recovery and describe our journey so far. How could we refuse an opportunity to talk about something we are experts in – our own recovery.

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What they can’t teach you in class

Students from Calderdale College came to visit the Basement Recovery Project so they could gain a deeper understanding of how such projects are run and what they are about. The students are currently on the Health and Social Care course and are looking to work in the health and social care sector, so their tutor thought that it would be great idea for the students to actually visit some of the health and social care organisations within Calderdale.

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