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Rolling out Mutual Aid

My first experience of asking for help was to visit my doctor in Bradford. All she wanted to do was quiz me about the fact I stunk of booze and had driven there. I left feeling threatened, rejected and misunderstood. I remember her saying, “As a doctor I have a duty of care to my community…” and the implied words “I should therefore shop you to the police the minute you leave the surgery”. I left and drank for another three years, in which time I lost my job, my marriage, my home and all self-respect – I just wanted to die.

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The Corner gets a Makeover from LBG

Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) have pledged 1 million hours of our time to be spent helping projects in our local community. These hours are funded entirely by the group with extra support being given to buy tools and materials. The project undertaken at The Corner in Huddersfield, run by TBRP, comprised of improving the environment from something to ‘put up with’ to something to be proud of and enjoy (and Larry wanted an office bigger than him, which seemed reasonable). We painted the walls downstairs, cleaned the communal kitchen upstairs in order to secure a reduced rental rate for the Project, and built a new self-contained office space upstairs.

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Richard’s Story

In some ways I suppose my story’s quite unremarkable but also slightly different than a lot of people’s I’ve met.

I wasn’t trapped in the madness for a long period of time, but over the years I dipped in and out and did spend months at a time in a terrible place. And though knowing what I know now about addiction I realise I have displayed addictive behaviours since I was a child, in later life I didn’t really drink to run away from anything or to seek oblivion (even though some childhood traumas have affected my life in lots of ways); I did however drink to increase my confidence and reduce my shyness.

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There is Hope Here

Andy-166For twenty years I struggled with addiction in various forms, alcohol being my primary substance. This led to me losing my family, job and home. Twelve weeks ago I was in absolute despair living in a shabby bedsit and wanting to curl up and die. I felt completely without hope. A strange series of coincidences led me to The Basement. I was given a fantastic welcome by staff and those in recovery. It was so inspiring to see others who had problems such as mine in recovery and thriving.

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Take the cotton wool out of your ears !

I felt compelled to do this, to pass on my “words of wisdom”, and just to share with all the other recovering addicts out there. I’m not doing this to promote The Basement Recovery Project, (although it may seem that way), but more to promote recovery, abstinence and sobriety – all words I never knew until recently in my life. My story is not dissimilar to others out there, so I don’t need to tell you what it was like for me before I hit rock bottom, or what it was like during that part of my life [drink / drugs], but I would like to share with you what my life is like for me now.

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Basement House Update

TBRP have recently been awarded some funds through the ‘Grants for Health’ scheme and the Community Foundation for Calderdale.

This generous award has provided disabled access facilities and a clinical room to extend the access for more people to address their lifestyle behaviour, beyond that of their substance/alcohol issues.

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Intimacy cannot exist without trust

I myself have issues around intimacy, largely due to the home I was raised in and the way I was treated growing up. I have had serious trust issues with friends, associates and close relationships. I have even had trust issues with my Higher Power. I have often substituted sex for intimacy and love because of fear and shame. I did not know how to have a healthy, intimate relationship.

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Warriors of the Calder Valley

I took a call from a friend in December, who had been contacted by the desperate mother of a 43-year-old daughter. The daughter, who we’ll call Rachel, had been out of a residential rehab for a couple of weeks and was back in a full-blown alcoholic episode, drinking around the clock and falling in and out of taxis and in and out of hospital.

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Support from our Councilors

On 5 November, Cllr Keith Hutson, a keen supporter of The Basement Recovery Project, brought Sue Ross, the Interim Director of Adult health and Social Care, to show her the great work being done here. Sue chatted to Michelle and Heath, who explained the value of recovery, as a permanent and thorough solution to addiction. Sue was also very interested in learning about the distinction between treatment, management, and recovery and agreed that the work of The Basement Project is a vital part of Calderdale’s commitment to tackling addiction problems.

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