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Any kind of Recovery – Mindfulness

For quite a while now the Basement Recovery Project have been well aware that recovery from addiction is a long-term and complex process needing a multi-faceted approach to treatment and support. As a part of this approach Michelle and the team have always been keen to try a whole range of different techniques including some possibly less-traditional methods.

To try to explain more, here are three pieces from practitioners and participants of a more holistic style of health promotion.

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An Addicts Guide to Inner Space

(How to get out of your mind without chemical assistance)

On Friday the 7th of February fifteen of the Calderdale in Recovery lot gathered together to embark on a weekend of insight into awareness and mindful-self-mastery at the Martinsell Centre in Marlborough. There were a few mixed opinions on the way down as no one was sure of what to expect but we were all in high spirits and going into this with open minds hoping that, from this experience, we might come away with extra tools to help us on our journey to recovery. Well it was definitely an experience, that’s for sure! Never have I laughed so much in my life and I’m not just talking about laughing I’m talking about proper belly laughs right from the deepest part of the stomach and it made me feel amazing, I’m still laughing a few weeks on!

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