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Martin’s Room

Happy Days – Martin’s Room

For the last two “Martin’s Happy Days” events, I have written about them for RecoveryTimes. Trying to find the right words to remember someone so tragically lost and yet, also to celebrate their life is not an easy thing to do. This year, I thought I would ask Mick, Martin’s twin brother, if he would like to say a few words.

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Making Amends

It’s probably no surprise to anyone to learn that when I drank, I drank, and drank … and drank! Wherever I drank trouble seemed to follow, or that’s how it seemed at the time. Of course, I now have the humility to be able to admit that it was I who became trouble when I drank. On the receiving end of that trouble was my local curry house which was open until the early hours of the morning selling alcohol.

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Martin’s Happy Days 2013

This year’s event took place on Sunday 16th June, again at the Arden Road Social Club, and again completely sold out. Initial estimates of the days fundraising matched last years at around £5500, with other activity monies still to come – amazing! Shortly after the event, I commented on the MHD facebook page:

“It is a week ago since the 2nd Martin’s Happy Days event and I felt I had to say a little something. I wanted to post something after getting home on the night but I just couldn’t find the words, and a week later I still can’t find the right words to express all my emotions, thoughts and feelings but here are a few that are on my mind …

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Happy Days

EPSON011edited-300x213Martin walked into our project in August 2010; he was looking for help. Martin was a guy that everyone easily warmed to; he was unassuming yet friendly, and on the outside, Martin appeared happy and relatively well. But the internal suffering was hidden, and this is one of the most difficult challenges of this illness.

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