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Surprising Sophistication

TBRP-blog-surprising-sophisticationIt’s now about 4 months since we met Larry Eve at The Corner and offered to run an introductory course in person-Centred counselling skills. Next Monday sees us at week 9 of the 10-week course and my co-trainer (also my husband) and I are learning at least as much as the participants. Most of the trainees, though not all, are in recovery. Before we began the course I imagined that this group might be a bit different to the students and trainees I’ve taught and facilitated over a period of some 35 years. I was completely correct in my assumption – but not for the reasons I imagined.

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Time for a Lecture

Having spent much of our lives in the depths of addiction, we are quite used to getting a lecture or two. So when we were approached by University of Huddersfield to actually deliver one, panic set in. After all, what do we know about addiction? I guessed being “experts by experience” we might have enough knowledge to fill a couple of hours speaking at the award winning University so agreed to drag along a few ‘recoverees’. Here is an account of the day, from Nicola…

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Volunteering at TBRP

My name is Marion Matley. I am 23 years old and I’m currently studying for a diploma in Health Care studies. I approached The Basement Recovery Project in January of 2014 to gain more experience and understanding in different areas of Social Care and to do a work placement through college.

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Healthy Eating for Huddersfield

The Healthy Eating course was the first course the WEA (Workers Educational Association) had run at The Corner and I’m hoping that it will be the first of many! The brief given to me was to design and teach a two hour session each week over a period of six weeks, a short course that would encourage healthy eating and cooking on a budget.

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Forging Ties with the Foundation

The Basement Recovery Project facilitated two information workshops for Huddersfield NHS Trust Community Services which included staff members from District Nurses, Community Matrons and the Supporting Independent Living team. The workshops consisted of the history of TBRP, the journey of two services users from the project who are in recovery and a general discussion around alcohol and drug misuse.

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Educating University of Huddersfield

TBRP was invited to give a presentation to 2nd year undergraduate student nurses at Huddersfield University on the subject of alcohol and drug addiction, recovery and all that goes with it.

Danielle and I were asked if we would share our experiences from chaos to recovery and describe our journey so far. How could we refuse an opportunity to talk about something we are experts in – our own recovery.

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What they can’t teach you in class

Students from Calderdale College came to visit the Basement Recovery Project so they could gain a deeper understanding of how such projects are run and what they are about. The students are currently on the Health and Social Care course and are looking to work in the health and social care sector, so their tutor thought that it would be great idea for the students to actually visit some of the health and social care organisations within Calderdale.

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