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Robin Hood’s Baywatch

baywatch-blog-imageI just wanted to write a little piece about our lovely conn3ct camping trip recently. About 18 or 19 people got involved and came along to the beautiful east coast resort of Robin Hoods Bay. Well we got there on the Friday afternoon and proceeded to put the tents up, about 6 or 7 in all, then after that we decided to have a look on the beach in the bay; we were lucky that a bus stop right outside the camp took us right into the bay.

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Recovery Coach

• The primary role is to develop and co-ordinate the capacity of substance misusers to contribute to their own welfare and recovery from substance related harms.
• To work proactively and effectively with the multi-disciplinary team to ensure that substance users are getting the best possible outcomes.
• To promote person-centred positive recovery life-styles.
• Help clients develop the skills to achieve drug/ alcohol-free lifestyles.
• Develop clients’ motivation to achieve drug/alcohol free lifestyles.
• Assist clients to take advantage of a range of health and social well-being services, and encourage clients to access a range of support groups and organisations.