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Damian’s Recovery Story

Don’t think it can’t happen to you! Imagine taking your A-levels while physically addicted to heroin, let alone being admitted to an inpatient detox the same week as your A-Level results are due. Read Damian’s story of how he managed to quit 21 years later …

Julie’s Recovery Story

As the rest of the world waits to get back to ‘normal’ as we come through the Covid pandemic, some of us are taking life-changing actions.  Congratulations to Julie for reaching 8 months sober and thank you for sharing your story with us. #RecoveryContagion

Rosie’s Recovery Story

Thank you to Rosie for writing and sharing her recovery story with us.  The Covid pandemic has tested us all. To be 8 months into recovery is a wonderful achievement and now, just as Tom showed you it was possible, you are now showing others.  Well done! #RecoveryContagion

Sam’s Recovery Story

Thank you to Sam for writing and sharing his recovery story with us. The challenges over the past 12 months have been difficult for everyone but changing your whole life around and remaining in recovery is an amazing effort. Well done Sam!

Gilly’s Recovery Story

After being admitted to hospital for physical alcohol problems; I knew I couldn’t get better on my own. I registered with CRS to get some help and started groups in Todmorden…

Kelly’s Recovery Story

Kelly - 18 months sober from alcohol addiction.

Thank you to Kelly for writing and sharing her recovery story with us.  She’s shown true grit and determination to become sober after a lifelong relationship with alcohol.  Recognising that “You never fail until you stop trying” gave her the courage to seek further support from TBRP.

“I was 11 when I first started drinking. I turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism from an early age to deal with childhood trauma. I’d seen my family members use alcohol to cope with the day to day so in a way, it was sort of ingrained in me that alcohol would help.” …

Congratulations to Kelly who recently celebrated 1 year sober!


Zoe’s Recovery Story

It was after a few years of using other substances that things started to get problematic. My spending started to get out of control and I was selling my possessions to buy drugs…

Alex’s Recovery Story

Thank you to Alex for writing and sharing his recovery story with us.  He’s shown us that recovery is possible no matter the obstacles – not even a worldwide pandemic.   We hope you find his story inspiring and it gives you the confidence to get in touch with us to see how we may be able to help you.  When the pain of using becomes greater than the pain of not using, it’s time to get help. We can’t make that call for you, but we can help you every step of the way after that.

“If I hadn’t got that identification and connection with people who understood addiction from the start of my engagement with The Basement, I’d be alone, isolated and at risk. If I was on my own in my recovery, I wouldn’t have been able to start to repair relationships with the people I care so much about. Being around other recovering addicts is teaching me honesty and humility that I wouldn’t have had without a network of peers around me.” …


Kate’s Story

We are grateful to Kate (name changed) for writing and sharing her story about her relationship with alcohol and the journey into recovery.  We hope you find her story inspiring and it gives you the confidence to get in touch with us to see how we may be able to help you.  As we always say, we can’t make that call for you, but we can help you every step of the way after that.  If Kate can do this, so too can you!

“I’d been drinking in the afternoon at work and shortly after I arrived home from picking my son up from school, the police came to my house. I was breathalysed, significantly over the limit and they arrested me. Spending a night in a police cell was something I never thought I’d experience.” …


New Alcohol Unit Guidelines

New Government Alcohol Unit Guidelines and consultation

Alcohol Unit Guidelines are changing

New Alcohol Unit Guidelines from UK Government

The government’s alcohol guidelines are changing to reflect new evidence about the link between alcohol and health harms, particularly cancer. New guidance includes changes to the amount men and women can regularly drink, one-off drinking sessions and advice for drinking in pregnancy.

Click here for our guidelines information page.


Letter of Resignation for Life 1995-2015

Goodbye Alcohol

From today the ties of bondage are released.

After years of denial, self-loathing, hatred, self-pity and internal emotional pain, I am no longer interlinked with you. The way I know you want me to be.

Goodbye, farewell seems somewhat lame for such a momentous occasion but for me to sit here today and admit my need and want to say goodbye is mentally and physically very strange, but also somewhat very apt, to say the least.

I am sat in the doctors’ surgery as I write to you taking action to better myself and furthermore permanently distance myself from you.

We have been everywhere together night and day, through thick and thin.

You seem to have been there for me no matter what!

A companion to console me when no one else would, could or should.

But now my days are getting brighter and one day very soon you will become a familiar face. One needs not to forget.

As I write this letter I feel torrential emotions running through me. Feelings of happiness, desperation, sorry and anger, frustration and humiliation.

But this will now dissipate to calmness, as I say and feel my final farewell.

No more will I yearn for you!

Drudge through life to get to you! Lie for you! Steal for you! Disgust myself nor die for you.

Today we part our ways! Unlike so many other things and people I’ve been separated from, you my friend, I will and can never forget. After all I have let you take from me including my sanity.

I bow to you! You win!

You’ve taken my mother! No way will you take me too because I will never be beholden to you again.

Be seeing you around I am sure. With a constant reminder where I’ve been and where I am going.

Goodbye Alcohol!


Andrew Boothroyd (age 41 ¾)

Article featured in RecoveryTimes issue  8