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Me, Me, Me! – A Personal Story

I’ve been to a fair few AA meetings now. One of the most challenging concepts I’ve had to embrace is that I am no different to anyone else in recovery. I am an alcoholic. I am just an alcoholic.

From the age of three years old, I’ve had a number of psychiatric diagnoses, ranging from childhood psychosis, ADHD and bipolar disorder. I was therefore brought up ’different’ and have only known myself as being different. I was an intelligent child, yet I had a true inability to get along with my peers – a very low emotional IQ. My mood was either ecstatic or depressed. There was never an in-between. When someone first insinuated that I had ‘terminal uniqueness’ shining out of me, I was horrified. I was angry. “How dare he suggest this?” was my immediate response. “Does he know what I’ve been through…?” Ha! To be fair, no-one actually insinuated anything. He simply was sharing his experience, strength and hope. My mind interpreted this as a personal attack on my character. Me, me, me!

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