Eleven local citizens ask for help after Russell Brand visit

A great afternoon was had by all when Russell Brand dropped in at our Huddersfield addiction recovery hub, Union Bank.

Russell and I come from the same town in Essex, so it was great to talk the Essex lingo with him over a cup of Yorkshire tea.

Russell was visibly blown away by our hub saying he could feel the positive energy when he first walked through the door.

He took the time to speak to all our regular ‘citizens seeking recovery’ and stopping for several dozen selfies.

I explained to Russell how challenging it had been for a small community-based organisation like TBRP to transmit hope to those that are struggling with addiction in an environment where national treatment providers have historically called all the shots.

Russell suggested we make a short video together and he promised to post it on all his social media forums and anywhere else that may help raise the profile of the tireless work TBRP are doing in the communities they support.

He also promised to send 10 copies of his new recovery book “Recovery – Freedom from our addictions” and offered as many tickets as we needed to attend his new stand up show Russell Brand Re:Birth currently touring the UK.

True to his word the books arrived, the video went viral and 20 of our guys and girls have seen his show in Leeds and London. Russell has contacted me several times since his visit expressing his genuine support of our cause, and I quote:

The Basement Project is providing precisely the support addicts of all varieties need; community, connection and opportunities to grow. We should all be proud to be a part of such an advanced and beneficial venture that generates hope for individuals, families and society as a whole.

Indeed, his visit has already instilled hope. The video we made was posted in the local paper, which again, was shared on social media. 11 local citizens struggling in the darkness of addiction have already contacted the project and are now taking steps towards the welcoming luminance of recovery prevalent in all our hubs.

For this Russell… we could never thank you enough.

GB and hope to see you soon x

Larry Eve,
Service Manager
The Basement Recovery Project

If you live in Calderdale or Kirklees and have an addiction issue, contact us now and we may be able to help.