A thank you to our community

New Year Message for TBRP

Each year, we send a letter to the Halifax Courier asking them to thank the people of Calderdale for their support throughout the previous year.  Here is a copy of the letter for 2015:

Dear Editor

It is becoming customary for me, through your newspaper, to write and thank the people of Calderdale for their support throughout the past year of our project and the people we serve from our particular community, people affected by addictions.

Most years, we reflect on the sadness that addiction brings to individuals, families and communities, whether through the loss of a loved one, or the pain someone may be experiencing in active addiction. This year, however, there are many things to celebrate and it is important to recognise and acknowledge good services where they exist. Therefore, on behalf of The Basement Recovery Project (TBRP), I would especially like to thank the various communities in Calderdale who have given hope to those affected by addiction.

Firstly, I would like to acknowledge Calderdale Recovery Steps and the partnership of DISC, St. Martin’s Health Care and TBRP who now work together to provide services across Calderdale that are responsive, innovative and offer recovery solutions for people affected by addiction. Sadly, access to good treatment and more importantly good recovery provision, is still a postcode lottery in the UK, and as someone who is involved with national bodies, I know we are fortunate in Calderdale with the facilities and options that are offered to people who face these issues.

This past year, for the first time we celebrated people getting well in Calderdale with a service at Halifax Minister. This illustrates how far we have come to support people into recovery, and also to challenge the stigma that people have faced. Our community has been active in Calderdale and beyond and one notable event was the Calderdale in Recovery Choir’s performance at the Eisteddfod festival in June. I am also especially proud of the community connections that have developed between our recovery community and the wider community of Todmorden. Over the last year, we have been involved in many of the local initiatives and activities, as well as being a pair of hands or two, giving back to the community that once we may have taken from. Although many people have helped to develop these relationships, thanks must go to the Mayor of Todmorden, Steph Booth, who has been extremely supportive of the recovery community.

We will continue to lose people to this illness and as we often see, many people either have a direct or indirect link to someone who has an issue with alcohol, gambling, internet activity or drugs. Addiction in its many forms really does touch many people’s lives and it is wonderful to see that people are more open, tolerant and aware of the affects. Each year, we meet many new people who offer support and this year is no exception; Marks & Spencer, The Real Junk Food Company, Halifax Ladies Circle, Ronnie Rocket and the fundraising from Route 66 at Banksfield Club. We have also had support from the staff at Lloyds Bank, the Ivy House and Community Foundation for Calderdale.

Addiction is sometimes easy to spot. Recovery on the other hand is not, but for us at TBRP it was evident in the recent floods. Tim Foulds, a recovering alcoholic, immediately set up the Mytholmroyd Elphaborough Community Centre as a hub for flood victims, helped to coordinate volunteers and liaised with numerous organisations from police, ambulance, fire and rescue, health services and the general public at large. He hasn’t stopped since the Boxing Day flood. “I would never have had the confidence or reserve to do anything like this without my recovery” said Tim.

Our project is about helping people to regain meaningful, fulfilling lives and we would ask your readers for their continued support throughout 2016.

If you would like to get involved with our recovery community, you can join our Facebook Group or get in touch direct via our website, www.thebasementproject.org.uk

The Basement Recovery Project would like to wish everyone a safe, peaceful and more prosperous New Year.

Yours sincerely,

Michelle Foster
The Basement Recovery Project

The latest update about the Mytholmroyd floods as of 07 Jan 2016:


Contact centre now : Countryside Office, above Mytholmroyd Library, Clegg Nook, New Road, HX7 5HR. Tel : 01422 886 371. Will be open 9.30-5.
– Sainsburys mytholmroyd won’t be open until this Thursday PLEASE ensure aid is taken to those that need it.
– ELPHABOROUGH CLOSE AREA, Mytholmroyd (coordination via the Calder Valley Club for this) – volunteers urgently required to help clear out, clean & take rubbish away to the tips. They also need bedding and blankets, small kitchen appliances and white goods. – ***A LOT OF THESE ARE GROUND FLOOR FLATS & HOUSES FOR ELDERLY AND THEY REALLY NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE!!!*** The place is still in a lot of need of support so please go volunteer your services down there.
– Scout Road, White Houses and the park area still need volunteers to clean up please.

For the latest updates, visit the the Facebook Group: Calder Valley Flood Support