Special report: Helping Calderdale’s addicts on the road to recovery

Feature in Halifax Courier 17th November 2014 by Jon Cronshaw:

The Basement Project gives hope to those suffering addiction

The Basement Project, Halifax, offers support to people seeking recovery from addiction.

The organisation helps people on the road to recovery by offering talking therapies, volunteering opportunities and the chance to gain new skills and qualifications.

“We work with people who are totally disengaged right through to supporting people into employment and becoming contributors again,” says Michelle Foster, chief executive at The Basement Project.

”For us, it’s about building a community. One of the biggest problems used to be that someone with an addiction would see a clinician and then get sent home – they never saw anybody well – the only people they had contact with was medical staff and other addicts.

“For us it’s about building a community that shows people that there is hope – and that’s the bottom line for us,” she says.