Bee Busy in Recovery !

Beekeepers Wanted !

A few months ago Stewart got in touch with the Halifax Beekeepers Association (HBKA) to discuss the possibility of people in recovery learning the art of beekeeping to help with their rehabilitation. To this end, Stewart, Colin, Michael and Richard took a trip to the HBKA apiary in Southowram to see what was involved.

Donning the full beekeepers suits and everything we were shown around a number of hives, where literally tens of thousands of honey bees were swarming all over the place, and were given a quick tutorial on the basics of beekeeping. We learned about the eggs and the pollen and were even shown a queen, we also got to taste some honey fresh off the comb (which was awesome).

Since then a plan has been approved to keep two bee hives on the roof of Basement House and we are now looking for people with an interest to learn all about beekeeping and take the hives on as a regular pastime. A dedicated beginner’s course will be arranged for Basement Project members in the second half of March 2015 and it will be located in the Basement Project building.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the favoured days but the actual dates will be confirmed nearer the time. Should the possible Basement Project locations prove unsuitable, an area of the Halifax Beekeepers’ Association apiary could be arranged, but this would require the approval of the HBKA Committee. The Basement Project proposes to enrol between 6 and eight people for the training and intends to have three members join HBKA. The project was informed that HBKA meetings and some events take place at the Arden Road Social Club.

It was noted that the HBKA Auction will be held in spring 2015 at which it will be possible to purchase second-hand equipment at reasonable prices. HBKA will assist the project to obtain suitable “start-up” colonies of bees.

Anyone interested in learning to become a beekeeper please contact Richard or Michael at TBRP, or alternatively speak to Colin or Stewart.

Article featured in RecoveryTimes issue  8