Community Detox Support Worker

(Recovery/Substance/Alcohol Misuse) – POSITION NOW CLOSED

Hours:37.5 hours per week
Salary:£22, 450 – Fixed Term contract 31/3/15 – subject to funding
Contract:Temporary Contract until March 2015 (extension subject to funding)
Responsible to:Detox Lead
Main Role:The post-holder will be an integral member of a team in delivering comprehensive non-clinical & psychosocial intervention services on both a 1:1 and group basis to promote and support detoxification.
The promotion, preparation and the delivery of individualised, bespoke community detoxification packages across the service will be essential within the role, ensuring that both medically assisted and non-medically assisted community detoxification options are accessible to all service users. The post-holder will carry a small case load, provide screening, assessments, recovery planning and care reviews on a regular basis, adhering to titration and prescribing pathways as per standard operating procedures.
The focus of all interventions will be:• To reduce substance related harm to the individual, families and wider community
• To promote, prepare and provide detoxification as a viable treatment option for all service users
• To promote healthier life style choices and empower service users to increase their recovery capital to support detoxification holistically (pre, during and post detox)
• To provide effective case management and coordination of the individual recovery plans – with specific reference to detoxification completion and support available during detoxification period
• To promote family and carer involvement into the planning and delivery of detoxification
• Facilitate access and engagement into appropriate structured psychosocial interventions and community based assets, including mutual aid opportunities, to sustain recovery post detox
In carrying out the above duties the post holder will:The post-holder will contribute to the service to ensure that substance users consistently receive high quality services that adhere to the best practice guidelines and achieve high professional standards. In fulfilling these aims the post holder will use recognised evidenced based interventions, up to date validated information and will have specific responsibility for the development, coordination and delivery of community detoxes, including the preparation and after care needed to increase successful outcomes.

They will be responsible for contributing to the overall performance of the service to ensure that contractual output targets are achieved. They will also be required to record and input client data and information in order that the service operates within contractual, administrative and financial requirements.

The post holder will be expected to take responsibility for personal development, identifying personal training needs and participate in regular supervision and appraisal.

Key Activities:• Motivate and empower substance users from across Calderdale and Kirklees to engage with effective, evidenced based, individual recovery focused detoxification programmes utilising both the medically assisted and non-medically assisted model.

• Ensure that all activities and interventions are suitably recorded in accordance with TBRP policies, protocols and procedures, and national guidelines from PHE, DoH, NMC, and NICE as directed by the Detoxification Lead.

• Recognise personal and professional boundaries at all times and work within TBRP therapeutic Governance Framework at all times.

• Ensure that all safeguarding issues, including child protection and protection of vulnerable adults, are dealt with in accordance to TBRP policies and procedures, and local and national statutory requirements.

• Effectively assess, plan, monitor and review all stages of client’s detoxification journey using designated tools within agreed time scales.

• To provide detoxification and recovery coaching using a broad range of psychosocial interventions including group facilitation.

• To utilise solution-focussed brief interventions, motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioural techniques in both one-to-one and group settings to promote engagement in and successful completion of community detoxification, encouraging self-esteem, well-being, self-responsibility, enhanced motivation and social re-integration.

• To assist and carry out appropriate screening processes including urine and saliva tests.

• To work shifts including evenings, sleep-ins, week-ends and bank holidays, as rostered.

• To assist in the evacuation of people in the event of a fire alarm sounding.

• When working alongside volunteers to be supportive, helpful and communicative at all times.

• To operate to the care/support plan for residents regarding medication handling and in line with the TBRP medication policy.

• To work in partnership with community Pharmacists ensuring clear communication pathways in relation to prescribing and dispensing of relevant and appropriate detoxification medication.

• To refer and liaise with other agencies involved with the client’s broader care plan including primary, secondary and acute healthcare services.

• Actively participate in regular supervision and be willing to personally reflect on interpersonal dynamics within the therapeutic relationship and provide evidence of achieving performance targets alongside other supervision requirements as detailed in TBRP policy.

• Uphold data protection legislation and only share client information as per TBRP policy, local and formally agreed information sharing protocols and client confidentiality agreements.

• Always treat service users with respect and dignity.

• Present a professional image and actively promote the service at all times to service users, other stakeholders, partnership organisations and the general public.

• To utilise a flexible approach and where required participate in activities and tasks which directly respond to client and service need.

• To actively promote equality of opportunities and diversity.

• Ensure regular consultation/communication (one to one or in groups) with service users.

• To accompany/escort clients to attend mutual aid groups and other therapeutic activities.

• To provide kitchen / household domestic duties to ensure a clean and safe environment is provided for the well being of our residents and visitors.

• To work closely with the Manager in monitoring weekly catering expenditure and ensure that spending is kept within allocated budget

• To organise weekly shopping as required to ensure adequate stocks of food, beverages and milk are in the community detox house

• To undertake any other duties as instructed by the management team that will contribute to fulfilling the project aims.

General terms of reference:In carrying out the above duties the post holder will:

• Work flexibly within an agreed number of hours of work to maintain the most appropriate level of service provision.
• Seek to improve personal performance, contribution, knowledge and skills.
• Participate in appraisal, supervision and Learning & Development processes.
• Keep abreast of developments in services, legislation and practice relevant to the relevant client group.
• Ensure the implementation of all TBRP policies.
• Contribute to maintaining safe systems of work and a safe environment.
• Undertake other duties appropriate to the grade of the post.

Specific standards (DANOS related where appropriate) for this role include:AA1 Recognise indications of substance misuse and refer individuals to specialists
AB2 Support individuals who are substance users
AB3 Contribute to the prevention and management of abusive and aggressive behaviour
AB5 Assess and act upon immediate risk of danger to substance users
AC3 Contribute to the development of the knowledge and practice of others
AD1 Raise awareness about substances, their use and effects
AD4 Develop and disseminate information and advice about substance use, health and social well-being
AE1 Test for substance use
AF1 Carry out screening and referral assessment
AF3 Carry out comprehensive substance misuse assessment
AG1 Develop, implement and review care plans for individuals
AG2 Contribute to care planning and review
AG3 Assist in the transfer of individuals between agencies and services
AG4 Retain individuals in contact with substance misuse services
AH7 Support individuals through detoxification programmes
AH12 Enable individuals to take their medication as prescribed
AI1 Counsel individuals about their substance use using recognised theoretical models
AI2 Help individuals address their substance use through an action plan
AK3 Enable individuals to access housing and accommodation
BA3 Contribute to the development of organisational policy and practice
BA5 Support effective governance
BC4 Assure your organisation delivers quality services
HSC233 Relate to and interact with individuals
HSC225 Support individuals to undertake and monitor their own health care
HSC33 Reflect on and develop your practice
HSC347 Help individuals to access employment
HSC387 Work in collaboration with carers in the caring role
HSC22 Support the health and safety of yourself and individuals
HSC226 Support individuals who are distressed
HSC3111 Promote the equality, diversity, rights and responsibilities of individuals
HSC32 Promote, monitor, and maintain health, safety and security in the working environment
HSC345 Support individuals to manage their financial affairs
HSC348 Help individuals to access learning, training and development opportunities
HSC356 Support individuals to deal with relationship problems
HSC35 Promote choice, well-being and the protection of all individuals
HSC330 Support individuals to access and use services and facilities
HSC335 Contribute to the protection of individuals from harm and abuse
HSC388 Relate to families, parents and carers
HSC395 Contribute to assessing and act upon risk of danger, harm and abuse
GEN36 Make use of supervision
Essential criteria:• Experience of working with substance misuse issues and a clear understanding of the need for and ability to deliver quality services.
• Sound and demonstrable knowledge of clinical prescribing issues.
• Experience of delivering evidence based psychosocial interventions on both a group and one-to-one basis.
• Experience of supporting the delivery of community opiate/alcohol detoxification.
• Knowledge of the issues facing substance users including social care, health issues welfare benefits, emergency accommodation and appropriate medical interventions,
• Ability to assess and care plan service users and formulate written reports as necessary.
• Knowledge of community based support / outreach practices.
• Maintain professional boundaries and work effectively with partnership agencies.
• Experience of contributing to project development.
• Excellent communication skills.
And the ability to:• Communicate confidently and effectively, verbally and in writing.
• Respond flexibly to the demands of the post.
• Work as a member of a team.
• Show a capacity to work alone and the ability to keep calm under pressure.
• Understand and have a commitment to the principles of equal opportunity and diversity.
• Employ a professional, empathetic and non-judgmental attitude towards service users.
• Show commitment to facilitating positive outcomes for service users.
• To maintain accurate, concise, up-to-date and timely records of the service user’s care, diary sheets, medication forms, financial transaction sheets and timesheets
Desirable criteria:• Access to own transport.
• Knowledge of local services and geography.
• Motivational interviewing techniques.
Notes:This post is subject to a Criminal Records Bureau check at an enhanced level.
Amendments: This description accurately reflects the present position; it may be amended and reviewed. Any change will be made following a proper period of consultation.