The Corner Update

TheCornerV3_Blue (500x167)In our very first issue of RecoveryTimes we reported on a grant from the Big Lottery to fund recovery activity in Kirklees. Well, following our opening in February last year The Corner has established itself as the hub for a network of recovery opportunities and activities in Huddersfield. The project is about establishing a recovery culture and to improve the opportunities for individuals to sustain recovery locally by effective community engagement. This allows recovering people who are energetic, driven, and optimistic, a focused community hub for their activities.

We provide a recovery model of treatment offering the choice of abstinence to those entering treatment as well as those stabilised within treatment. This programme builds upon and complements existing services and is intended to add value to our current and future tier 3 and 4 provision. The service meets an unmet need for structured pre detoxification and post clinical treatment therapeutic support.

The Kirklees Recovery Partnership

We have so far developed good links not only with the main treatment providers but with more generic services such as housing and community care. Lifeline have made us feel extremely welcome and in our early meetings it was established that our outcomes would be shared, with Lifeline reporting to NDTMS (that’s the National Drug Treatment Monitoring System. Ed.) locally. Communication has so far been excellent and we meet monthly to discuss pathways and potential for improved working. Over 20 Lifeline workers have visited our building and 3 way meetings take place regularly as referrals continue to grow. We also have a developing relationship with LOCALA.

To further support the recovery vision across Kirklees we have been asked by the local partnership to develop a package of training for staff of all services to develop their understanding around recovery which we will be carrying out in the coming months.

The Kirklees Recovery Partnership (KRP) is an excellent opportunity to bring providers together and make a much more powerful community group and set of assets going forward. It is hoped that visible commitments can be made to this group and to promoting its activities in the future.

Breakfast Club

After developing our base at the Sikh leisure through the Big Lottery funding our breakfast club has been developing steadily over the last 8 months. By providing a safety net of basic needs, support and advice to local substance users we have now engaged with over 160 individuals and had a footfall of over 1600 visits within this period. Eight local providers are now regularly referring into our project and advocacy is provided in our project by workers from substance misuse and housing services who attend our drop in on a weekly basis. Rarely do workers see people living full, productive, meaningful lives in long-term recovery and workers as well as clients need exposure to see recovery as possible.
Recovery Programmes

Thanks to the support of the local recovery partnership our pre-recovery and abstinent programmes are now up and running and we have so far engaged with over 50 local people on our programmes. Specifically, our 8 week pre-recovery programme started in February and pathways with mainstream providers have been developed so those completing our programme can access detoxification and rehabilitation opportunities locally. We sit on the local detoxification and rehabilitation panel and have been supporting the system in developing a menu of options for Kirklees residents. Just over 50 clients have enrolled on our programme up to the end of September with referrals growing monthly. In the first 6 months, Lifeline has been completing NDTMS data in partnership with ourselves and over ten of our clients have successfully completed treatment.

Further developmental possibilities

We have made a fantastic start in kick-starting a visible recovery community in the Kirklees area. We are currently expanding our programme to North Kirklees two days per week and are in the process of identifying key individuals who can carry a message of hope to others in that area, particularly Dewsbury. In time we hope to develop recovery centres in both Huddersfield and Dewsbury which will be physical locations where local communities of recovery can be organised. We have other exciting plans too; perhaps another update in a future edition of RT will be needed.


Exploring different ways in which to fund alternative and additional groups, The Corner’s Development Manager, Larry Eve (That’s a lovely pink jumper Larry – Ed.) came across The West Yorkshire Police Community Trust. Established in 1996, West Yorkshire Police Community Trust is a registered Charity that helps West Yorkshire voluntary and community groups improve their neighbourhoods by providing grants to support these worthwhile activities. Funds are received through donations and as a result of confiscating assets acquired by criminals through various criminal activity.

The project was awarded £2000 and will provide The Corner’s service users with gym sessions, healthy eating workshops, group recovery and training opportunities for volunteers.

Article featured in RecoveryTimes issue 4