What is aMT?

aMT is a drug which can make you feel upbeat, full of energy and friendly to those around you. However, it can also affect your mind and lead to hallucinations (seeing and hearing things which aren’t there) and this can be a frightening experience. You might also feel anxious and panicky.

aMT is very active in small doses which means it’s easy to take too much and overdose.

This can lead to you becoming agitated and having bad experiences like anxiety attacks.

aMT was tested as a potential antidepressant in the sixties but there is actually little information about its harms, especially any long-term harm. It’s difficult to know how regular users will be affected if they use the drug for a long time.

There is a slight risk that aMT will react with other medicines and a range of foods to cause dangerous increases in blood pressure (for example, if used with SSRI anti-depressants, some wines and cheeses, or with Bovril or Marmite).

What does aMT look like?

aMT is being sold as a white powder. coloured powders or as different coloured capsules and pellets.