What’s said on the retreat stays on the retreat!

However, I’ll make an exception to let everyone know what an amazing experience I had with some amazing ladies.

Yes you heard me, LADIES

We spent two wonderful days just outside Settle at Hortons Women’s Retreat in the first weekend in June. To be honest, the thought of 15 of us all together came with a slight nervousness as to how we would last an entire weekend. Not everyone knew each other from across the TBRP hubs so it was a great way to connect and do some bonding, especially as we were sleeping in bunk beds, cooking, and generally supporting one another.

I myself did not realise it was a VEGAN only retreat so it was highly amusing when our well stocked meat supply was confiscated before we even arrived !!!

Also our designated driver Mr L Eve was not, under no certain terms, permitted to set foot inside the holy grail of our retreat. My new best friend Steph (Site Manager) nearly had heart failure as he tried to enter the premises.

One of my many highlights was, of course, my delicious and from what I hear famous custard that I made alongside a seemingly flawless cake. OK, confession time… the cake was bought at the summer fete that we all attended on a sunny Saturday (Recovery Cookbook follows shortly).

We laughed, we cried, we bonded, we connected and to me, there is nothing more precious in this world. We did however not turn Vegan, a work in progress methinks.

Looking forward to our next adventure together.


Picture of Sheena with the ladies at Retreat

TBRP Recovery Reporter