Why get involved in Recovery?

Fishing Group.

Ever since I was a child I had a passion for fishing and spending time amongst nature. At the age of 15, way back in 1965, I picked up alcohol and drugs. This was to control my life for the next 38 years.  I remember times when sitting by a beautiful lake or river on a summer’s day having picnics with my young daughters watching them enjoy the wonders of nature, and them getting excited when dad caught a fish. Although my passion for fishing never completely disappeared my focus, my obsession, was my addiction.

Sadly, I left my family because of the consequences of my addiction. My love of life, my passion for nature was overtaken by a thirst and hunger for alcohol and drugs. I spent many years in active addiction. I spent many years in prison too and countless admissions to hospital, two of which were psychiatric hospitals.

In 1998 I was fortunate enough to find a recovery programme that kept me clean and sober for many years and my passion for nature and fishing was rekindled. I was able to take my grandchildren fishing and to let them experience nature, and for me to again experience the peace of mind that my hobby gave me.

I have been a member of Calderdale in Recovery for some months now and as a member, I and others are exploring options for the people of the Calderdale community to get involved in many different events. We know that there are people in this area who are suffering from addiction. Families are also suffering because of a loved one’s addiction.

Attending events doesn’t get you into recovery, there are programmes for that. The Basement Recovery Programme should be your starting point. Taking part in recovery events does give you purpose and meaningful activity. Some events help you to keep fit and others help you to relax and unwind. The one thing they all have in common is the social aspect, being around others who are just like you and me as well as mixing with our community at large.  All this helps maintain your recovery, it certainly does for me.

We hope people can get involved in fishing, make new friends and experience the tranquillity, peace and beauty of the countryside and nature. It sure beats drinking and drugging.

We will be organising other events too in the coming months. Check out our Facebook Page for updates or discuss them in our group.

If you’re interested in getting involved and helping to organise events and social activity, you’ll find me at the TBRP Halifax Hub.

Recovery Builder

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