Volunteering at TBRP

My name is Marion Matley. I am 23 years old and I’m currently studying for a diploma in Health Care studies. I approached The Basement Recovery Project in January of 2014 to gain more experience and understanding in different areas of Social Care and to do a work placement through college.

I think there is some prejudice towards addicts and they are not fully understood in society,and to be honest I was one of these people before I volunteered here. This is because I have never looked at addiction in the way you do when doing a recovery programme, I didn’t know what to expect at all from doing volunteering work at TBRP. During my time volunteering I have been introduced to some very inspiring people and some proper characters, all with extraordinary stories about their battle with addiction. I have really been welcomed by everybody here and there is always good vibes and energy around the place and the people all helping each other on their journey through recovery.

The Here and Now group really focuses on the point that you don’t have to be alone in recovery. Everyone is there for the same reason, most can relate to similar situations with each other, but most important is that they are all there for each other through recovery. It was a really moving atmosphere in this group hearing people expressing both positive and negative stories from past and present in their lives, and everyone sharing their thoughts and feelings to help each other. I think it is such a brilliant idea!

The other groups were also very interesting and educated me about all aspects of addiction and a real insight into some of the people affected; these sessions have given me a lot to think about. It has also helped me to look at aspects of my own life, relating to times when I have been affected by substance abuse during my teenage years and understand more about my family and friend’s who were/are addicts… It’s been a real eye opener!

So far I have experienced a warm welcome and I feel like I have really been accepted in The Basement Recovery Project. All the fresh activities, opportunities and the people are what really bring TBRP to life. It feels like everyone is family when you’re there and it is a really motivational and inspiring place to be. I have gained knowledge and understanding about addiction which has and will continue to help me with my education in a really massive way. And as said before I have gained more understanding about me, my family, friend’s and my life, which is priceless. It has been an absolute pleasure and a very valuable lesson of life.

Thanks TBRP,


Article featured in RecoveryTimes issue  7