There is Hope Here

Andy-166For twenty years I struggled with addiction in various forms, alcohol being my primary substance. This led to me losing my family, job and home. Twelve weeks ago I was in absolute despair living in a shabby bedsit and wanting to curl up and die. I felt completely without hope. A strange series of coincidences led me to The Basement. I was given a fantastic welcome by staff and those in recovery. It was so inspiring to see others who had problems such as mine in recovery and thriving.

I moved into Freedom House on 26th of August. This is a property run by The Basement as an abstinence-based supported house. It is a fabulous place to live and the support and care is amazing. I also attend groups which have proved invaluable in my recovery. Pre-recovery teaches about the nature of addiction and provides solutions, tools and support for those wishing desperately to escape from drug and alcohol dependence. I am currently attending Abstinence, Smart and Compass groups. These provide essential help and guidance to not only maintain recovery but also improve life skills and confidence. There are social activities, outings and a real unity which hugely benefits those who have been isolated by their illness.

I had tried self-will and other services but it is only at The Basement that I have been able to progress as well as I have. The welcoming relaxed atmosphere, staff who genuinely understand addiction and the network of friends I have quickly acquired all underpin my twelve weeks of sobriety. I feel grateful, optimistic and humble and I have a sense of hope which had deserted me years ago.

The Basement offers ‘There is hope here’ and believe me it does what it says on the tin.

Andy B.

Article featured in RecoveryTimes issue  6