TBRP takes on Lloyd’s Banking Group

Quiz Night at the Basement Recovery Project - Halifax

Quiz Night at the Basement Recovery Project – Halifax

On 25th of November Lloyds Banking Group held a quiz night at The Basement Recovery Project to raise funds for the project. This followed on from a lunch they had hosted at their head office a couple of weeks earlier. The aim of the lunch was to raise awareness of what we do at TBRP and to help break down stigma surrounding addiction. Myself, Michael and Imelda attended so that we could share our experiences with staff. They had prepared a fantastic buffet lunch, I found myself indulging a little more than I should have, and invited members of staff to pop in, have a nibble and find out what we do. It also gave people the chance to ask questions about addiction and recovery.

As is usually the case with these things many people were surprised by what they learnt and also by the fact that we are all addicts. People usually have a stereotypical image in their head of what an addict looks like and so it is rewarding to dispel that preconception.

I felt that the afternoon went really well and we all enjoyed the conversations we had. The quiz night was planned as a fundraiser and would also give staff at Lloyd’s the chance to come and see The Basement. Robert and Chris who had been liaising with us had come and looked around earlier in the year but now others had the chance.

The plan was to have a quiz, some food and some socialising. We planned the event over a month or so and before we knew it the night was upon us. Tickets were £5 and all the proceeds would go to TBRP.

I had been warned by Robert that some people could become very competitive but this was no worry as The Basement had its share of those. Lisa and Claire had also been instrumental in organising the lunch and now they had the chance to see The Basement and hopefully get a result in the quiz.

Mark had set the questions and was quiz master for the night. It was divided in to 4 parts and included a picture round, music and general knowledge. We got through the first three with the lead changing hands at each stage and no clear favourite emerged. Pie and peas were served after round three so we could study the picture round as we ate. There were later claims that at this stage certain people were seen googling but as the names that were mentioned didn’t win, the scandal was quickly forgotten.

After dinner we were back in business and eventually a result was declared. A team from Lloyd’s, including Claire, narrowly winning from a Basement team which included Michelle, Dean and Richard. This result drew a few raised eyebrows but we have to accept the result for what it was. Well some of us did.

All in all both events were hugely enjoyable and achieved the desired objectives. Stigmas were broken down, awareness was raised (as was money) and hopefully new friendships were made.

It must be time for a rematch?