Taken for a ride… in a good way.

Last year a friend of mine organised a really great trip to Lightwater Valley so this year I thought I would do the same and ask a few recovery friends if they fancied a fun day out. Organising the trip couldn’t have been easier. We decided on small weekly payments so that everyone had an opportunity to go. Every week payments were made, hiring a coach was simple (and we were even given a discount because of what TBRP does) and tickets to the park were cheaper too because of a group booking.

Arriving at TBRP early I was joined by 69 others for a fab day out. People came from various services including TBRP, the Basement Jive group, Project Colt and the PCT to bring their families for a fun recovery day out. The weather was good, the atmosphere even better. Racing on the coach like kids we couldn’t wait to get there.

Arriving at Lightwater Valley everyone spread in different directions, still in groups racing to the bigger rides. Me and some others however, found the teacups.

Lunch time arrived and a large gathering of us sat down to eat lunch and just for a few minutes I observed all around me. It was amazing to see so many people from different backgrounds and projects all sat together having great times, all in recovery and all enjoying life for the day.

Following lunch another mad rush to the rides…each again going off in different directions, however always returning to one another later. The day ended around 4pm.
The journey home is one we will all remember… Poor Col had to have the coach pull over so he could “clear his stomach”.

The feedback (other than Col’s physical feedback) from the trip was positive from everyone so another trip will be planned for next year.
Peace in the valley”.


Article featured in RecoveryTimes issue 5