T.B.R.P. – a poem by G. Crosbie

Poem about TBRP Kirklees

T.B.R.P. is the place to be if you’re needing help with recovery

A helping hand down the right path, I tried it alone and couldn’t do the math

It never worked out, it didn’t add up! Pi r squared but I am still stuck

Stuck in that cycle of insanity, a hamster in a cage stuck in a wheel

Chasing those things I can no longer catch, a buzz, a good time, it’s in this next batch

But it never comes and this I now see, coz they opened my eyes at T.B.R.P.

The guys they all know how our thinking is twisted, they have been there, they haven’t just visited

Spent most of our lives living this lie, this time will be different it will change and be nice

But we always end up in the same place, blinded by lies that we tell to save face

Just one glass tonight then back on the shelf but that doesn’t happen we’re kidding our self

It’s finished, it’s done, it’s stuck in the bin, but not in our own it’s the neighbours it’s in

We hide our addiction from all those around, though they see the truth and think look at this clown

And that’s why the basement is so damn important, they help u see life, this time undistorted

Not so you focus on the mess it’s become, to help you look back, understand what you’ve done

Coz it’s in surrender that winning begins, wave that white flag squash the addiction within

With a fresh way of thinking, a new outlook on life, start down that path to end the trouble and strife

We all know it’s not easy and this road is long, just know there are others who’ve danced to that song

They’re now on their way even though there’s no end, just step on that path, walk it with a friend

The suggestions they make, they work and they’re proven, so I’ll use what they say to fix what is broken

Though this is just how it’s working for me, will it work for you? There’s no guarantee

But if you don’t try then you’ll never know and this damn addiction is killing you slow

I gave it a chance, I had nothing to lose, gave up drinking and drugs it’s now life that I choose.

G. Crosbie 2016