Support from our Councilors

On 5 November, Cllr Keith Hutson, a keen supporter of The Basement Recovery Project, brought Sue Ross, the Interim Director of Adult health and Social Care, to show her the great work being done here. Sue chatted to Michelle and Heath, who explained the value of recovery, as a permanent and thorough solution to addiction. Sue was also very interested in learning about the distinction between treatment, management, and recovery and agreed that the work of The Basement Project is a vital part of Calderdale’s commitment to tackling addiction problems.

Sue will pass details of her visit to the new Director when she takes office in January, and Keith has said that he will also invite the new Director to TBRP. At the recent Full Council meeting, Keith also extended an invitation to visit to Cllr Bob Metcalfe who is the Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Adult Health and Social Care, and Cllr Metcalfe said he would be very happy to visit us in the New Year. We look forward to his visit.

Cllr Hutson became aware of the work of The Basement Project when he read issue 1 of RecoveryTimes and spotted the phrase ‘Better Than Well’. He says ‘I must admit Better Than Well grabbed my attention as it affirms my own view that recovery from addiction, particularly when that recovery is achieved through the framework of a 12-step type programme, is far better than the mere management of addiction. If an addict follows a thorough programme of recovery like the Basement’s then self-knowledge, self-esteem, and a desire to be a positive actor in society is pretty much inevitable. One gains a knowledge of oneself, and a zest for life, that perhaps was not present even before addiction set in, thereby making the addict in recovery actually feel ‘better than well’. I totally support the great work The Basement Project is doing, not only because it gets people well, but also because it saves Calderdale money by enabling genuine recovery with huge consequent economic benefits to society’.

Article featured in RecoveryTimes issue 2