Slow The Flow Calderdale

Slow the Flow Calderdale is a project set up after the devastating boxing day floods of 2015. After extensive flooding in the Calder Valley a group of volunteers set up Slow the Flow to look into how natural flood management could be used to slow the water that runs down the hillsides into the river Calder.

Slow the Flow volunteers work alongside many agencies including the Government, The National Trust, The Environment Agency, Calderdale Council, Treesponsibility, The Source Partnership, The Rivers Trust, Pennine Prospects, Calder Futures and the Flood Wardens. The volunteer days which take place once a fortnight at Hardcastle Crags are open to all ages and all abilities. The sessions take place on a Sunday morning and involve building leaky dams and filling the gullies with branches and debris from the crags floor, “gully stuffing”. The work is both rewarding and fascinating, working alongside people from the National Trust using chainsaws to fell trees for the leaky dams and a winch to move them into place. Sometimes they even have help from Nathan, the working horse who can move the logs faster and more efficiently than the mechanical winch.

Myself and my family have been involved as volunteers for about a year now. We love the opportunity to get out in the fresh air in the beautiful Hardcastle Crags, whilst also contributing to the wider community. We get the chance to meet new people from all walks of life and have built solid friendships with the amazing people who run the project.

There is no pressure to attend every volunteer session, you can attend as little or often as you like! We have been on local news on the television when they have covered the project and we also got asked to speak at the recent AGM about our experience of working as volunteers.

It is a very worthwhile project… whether you are interested in reducing flooding in our beautiful valley, interested in wildlife and conservation, or just enjoy being outdoors for a bit of green therapy then come and give it a go.