Sail Away


Calder and Hebble canal and river

In early April clients and community recovery organisers from the Basement Project joined up with the Safe Anchor Trust to take some therapeutic time on the Calder and Hebble canal and river. All involved had the opportunity to gain knowledge of how to use and steer the barge, work the locks and gain an understanding of the importance of the service run by the Safe Anchor Trust.

The Safe Anchor Trust was founded in 1995 and has had 130,000 visitors from 750 different groups. They provide this service to special needs groups, people with mobility problems and to social disadvantaged groups in hope that they maintain or improve their health. The service provided by the Safe Anchor Trust is run by volunteers and relies solely on contributions.

Clients and community recovery organisers spent the day relaxing, taking in the scenery, learning the ropes and for some, cooking canal style. All involved made the most of the peaceful environment to revitalise and remember the importance of a peaceful recovery.


Article featured in RecoveryTimes issue 3