Robin Hood’s Baywatch

baywatch-blog-imageI just wanted to write a little piece about our lovely conn3ct camping trip recently. About 18 or 19 people got involved and came along to the beautiful east coast resort of Robin Hoods Bay. Well we got there on the Friday afternoon and proceeded to put the tents up, about 6 or 7 in all, then after that we decided to have a look on the beach in the bay; we were lucky that a bus stop right outside the camp took us right into the bay.

The sun was out and it was a lot of fun and the bay views blew us all away. Anyway, when we got back to the campsite an army of midges descended on us and bit the life out of us, resilient little so-and-so.

The campsite was a lovely little setting with caravans, chalets, the lot, nestled in the beautiful county of Yorkshire (Gods country). Anyway the next day we all went into Whitby which was about eight miles away. The day was stunning, the weather and everything, and some of us swam in the sea. You cannot have it much better than that and a great time was had by all. I just wanted to thank Calderdale in Recovery for helping us out and a special thank you to all the guys on the trip for making it a truly special occasion. I for one will do it all again.


Article featured in RecoveryTimes issue 5