On the Road to Recovery

Back in September I was asked by Michelle of The Basement Project if I would like to go to the UKRF Recovery Walk in Cardiff. I said yes and this was a decision I will always remember.

Eight of us set off on the long journey south by train, destination – Cardiff. We came from various services, Basement Project, Conn3ct, Contour and Project Colt united under one banner “Calderdale In Recovery” and as one team of people in recovery led by Neil who brilliantly organised all the travel and accommodation. All costs were met by Calderdale’s commissioning team, much appreciated, thank you.

Well there I was Saturday morning in the centre of Cardiff looking around and seeing hundreds of people, all ages, colour, creed, tall, short, portly etc. They all had one thing in common, that was Recovery. They were there from all corners of the UK and from as far as America and Australia, to march in celebration and rejoice in the ever growing UK Recovery movement.

As we walked through Cardiff city centre singing and dancing, waving our banners to the beat of a drum band, people cheered and applauded, and motorists tooted their horns in support. Everybody was happy, smiling, looking to the future, a future most thought they would never see, showing others and everyone around that recovery is possible, it was right there in Cardiff.

At the end of the walk many speeches were made and encouragement from the bishop of Cardiff and the Mayor that the recovery movement with all its representatives can work together and grow together.

The message to the Government was of clear support. You do recovery from the top down, we will support it from the bottom up, let’s meet in the middle.

The 4th UK Recovery Walk 2012 will be in Brighton sometime in September. More info: www.ukrecoverywalk.org

‘Our’ Graham
Community Recovery Organiser

Article featured in RecoveryTimes issue 2