Making a Difference with Lloyds

As an organisation we are really keen to support local communities and charities. To support this vision Lloyds Banking Group allow colleagues one day a year where we can leave the confines of the office/branches and volunteer our services to help others… internally this is known as “Day 2 Make A Difference (D2MAD)”. Usually these days are carried out as teams as a great opportunity to do something together however we are able to donate the hours over a period of time – it is the colleague choice.

To build on this, our department has personally pledged to donate 10,000 hours and £20,000 to charity this year and have allowed each colleague x3 D2MAD (24 paid hrs) to volunteer in the local community…

Earlier in the year I had been introduced to The Basement Recovery Project when Michelle and Stuart came to our head office premises to talk about the great work Basement were doing and how we could work together going forward. Lisa Liddle (Head of ATM Operations) was also in attendance of this meeting and we began to investigate how we as a team could support TBRP.

Since then we have held x4 D2MAD to support Basement Project – x3 days equating to over 150 man hrs) with The Corner in Huddersfield and x1 day renovating the new house which took place on 4th July.

Renovating the house and garden was a fantastic experience from start to finish. In the planning stage it was great to work with Michelle to gather a ‘wish list of activities’ and getting to know members of the organisation like Clare who was going to support us on the day and had been through the recovery programme herself.

The actual day ran smoothly as our 13 man team were tasked with clearing and landscaping the garden to painting two bedrooms. Clare even commented how surprised she was that us ‘Shirt & Tie’ bankers could roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty!

It was really great to work alongside the project team and get to know more about how Basement has supported them personally and at the end of the day be able to physically see what we had achieved.
It really was a great experience and now hope the relationships we have built will mean we can continue to support Basement Project in the future.

Sophie Williams
Project Manager – Lloyds Banking

Article featured in RecoveryTimes issue 5