Making Amends

It’s probably no surprise to anyone to learn that when I drank, I drank, and drank … and drank! Wherever I drank trouble seemed to follow, or that’s how it seemed at the time. Of course, I now have the humility to be able to admit that it was I who became trouble when I drank. On the receiving end of that trouble was my local curry house which was open until the early hours of the morning selling alcohol.

After a year into my Recovery I decided it was time to make amends to the proprietor. I decided I should also tie this in with saying thanks to The Basement Recovery Project for all they had done in helping me on my Recovery journey and achieving abstinence. The best and most obvious thing to do was to raise some money for Martin’s Room.

I had a chat with Ziggy, the owner of Ziggy’s Spice House (what a coincidence they are also on Carlton Street in Halifax) and together we decided to run an ‘all you can eat’ curry night. He kindly agreed to put a donation towards to the project too. After much planning and ticket selling 44 people came to Ziggy’s in September.

It was an extremely poignant event for me as I had my family with me who I put through so much during my using days I also had my new family, The Basement Project and of course the Martin’s Happy Days crew too, all coming together having fun without drugs or alcohol. We had a great time with raffle prizes too, thanks to The Ivy House and Gemma Peers hairdressers.

We raised £190 and I would like to say a massive thanks to everyone who came, but especially thanks to Ziggy. It truly was recovery at its best.

Making Amends.


Article featured in RecoveryTimes issue  6