In Memory – 4th Annual Liverpool Vigil

4th Annual Liverpool VigilCalderdale was represented at the 4th Annual Liverpool Vigil, hosted by Action on Addiction, for those lost to addiction and Alcoholism. It was a bittersweet evening as a group braved the journey over the Pennines to pay their respects to people who have died, both in Calderdale and across the North-West. Speaking to our reporter, Francis said, “It is a poignant reminder that this illness kills, but at the same time, it reminds us of the gratitude we have for those who have found the path to Recovery”. Sadly, the roll-call from Calderdale continues to grow, and it is an intense, moving almost frightening set of names that takes 40 minutes to read out. The most telling is the names of multiple family names, depicting generation after generation who are lost forever.

The other stark reality of the event comes as family members who are left to mourn the dead, speak of their sadness, helplessness and powerlessness in the extent of the support they were able to offer to their addicted relations. It is to be hoped that the roll-call does not increase too much in the next 12 months, but as the grip of alcoholism tightens it’s hold, especially amongst young women, we fear we will be making the journey across the hills again next year.

Lifting our mood, the group then paid a visit to the new abstinence recovery bar, The Brink, based in Liverpool. The space is an amazing modern and attractive venue providing music, quality food and themed evenings for the general public, as well as PIRs. The recovery community of Liverpool will be supporting the venue, and with such a large community, it should have a successful future.