My Journey Beginning – a poem by G. Crosbie

my journey beginning - poem by g. crosbie

This story starts with me ending time on remand

Being released to a strange and new land

The first step was easy, stay sober and clean

Oh how my mum smiled she was so pleased

The second step was to visit lifeline

So I’m sat there thinking is this worth my time?

But they recommend T.B.R.P.

With groups and with sessions, is this really for me?

But the guys are all friendly so we sit and we chat

I met James and Siobhan and felt so relaxed

With the help and suggestions of how to stay clean

It’s helped many others, maybe it will help me

Then I meet Larry, is this guy mental?

The bloke is so happy but knows how detrimental

This life that we lead is to our wellbeing

So what stops us changing? Our fear and our thinking

How do they know? They’ve been there, done that

And that’s how I know it’s not shit that they chat

So I listen to learn coz I’ve learned to listen

That life that I’ve wanted is starting to glisten

Now it is the journey of recovery

That’s the new thing that sets my mind free

It will never be free from those thoughts, twists and ideas

But I can deal with all that without any fear

I know this is hard and I might fuck it up

But I’m no longer alone, I’m no longer stuck

I share stories past and things that have been

That no longer are coz of T.B.R.P.

And all of this help they offer for free

(Except for hot drinks, they cost 50p)

G. Crosbie 2016