Healthy Eating for Huddersfield

The Healthy Eating course was the first course the WEA (Workers Educational Association) had run at The Corner and I’m hoping that it will be the first of many! The brief given to me was to design and teach a two hour session each week over a period of six weeks, a short course that would encourage healthy eating and cooking on a budget.

10 students enrolled and to begin the first week we experimented with scones. We looked at all the ingredients that go into them and why some are better than others to give the flavour and texture for this quick and easy nice treat. As the weeks progressed we tackled crumbles, pizzas, curries and ways of using mince, culminating with a grand buffet. The students practiced many cooking skills including being introduced to the ‘bridge and claw’ method for chopping fruit and vegetables safely and efficiently. We also considered the ‘Eatwell Plate’ as an approach to healthy eating that is sensible and reasonably easy to understand and apply in the future.

Each week I looked forward to Friday mornings and the enthusiasm of the students, some of whom had stories to tell of the repeat dishes they had made at home during the interim week. Highlights for me were the supportive nature of the group, the way they worked together in a pleasant and relaxed manner working towards completing the dishes. The last three weeks we cooked lunch for everyone at The Corner. Each of those weeks the food disappeared very quickly which is a huge credit to the group. Their hard work for the buffet was acknowledged by a round of applause – how good is that! I also learnt a lot from the group too.

Thanks to everyone for making it happen.
Here’s to the next!

Bridget Crabtree (WEA Tutor)