Goodbye Speed

Goodbye Speed

To the evil demon called speed
The evil fucker I no longer need,
I’m writing this letter; words easy to read,
The message is clear and you’d better take heed.

You’re out of my life and I’m getting well,
So you and your bodies can go to hell,
You fucked with my head and then left me for dead,
But I’m back and I’m stronger,
Dependent no longer.

My spirit’s alight, now I’m ready to fight,
I’m gonna help others who suffer this plight
and fall for your shite, night after night.
Do be in no doubt, I’m casting you out,
For me it’s bliss, for you the abyss.
The bottomless pit is where you belong,
For all you’ve done wrong.

Now I’m wiser, I’m older, I’m bigger and bolder,
The war on drugs has got a new soldier,
You beat me down I was on the floor,
But you didn’t bank on the Basement door.
I was in your grip when I walked through,
Now I’m clean and I’m safe and there’s no place for you.

Yours Faithfully
Richard Law