Get On Yer’ Bike

onyerbike1Not long ago I heard about a cycle cavalcade that was coming to Calderdale so I looked into it. And I found out that not only was it coming to Calderdale it was organised by Calderdale people for Calderdale people – sounds similar to what we recovery folk do. Who were they?, I hear you ask, well it was a group of local businessmen led by a man called Steve Duncan who raises money for an organisation called Community Foundation for Calderdale (CFFC). The ‘Cycle for Work’ challenge as it was called, was the brainchild of Steve, who is the CEO of CFFC. The idea was to cycle from Land’s End (Cornwall to you and me) to John O’Groats (Scotland to you and me) in a bid to raise money to fund 25 young apprentices in Calderdale. Steve had made the comment “This year we want to make a real difference to the lives of young people in Calderdale, and if that means cycling 900 miles that is what we will do, I have two teenage sons myself and I know how difficult the employment market can be for young people at the moment”.

One of their many legs was coming through Calderdale. Well it was Walsden to Halifax via Hebden Bridge, Mytholmroyd and my own village of Luddendenfoot (Gods country) so I thought, well I have a bike why don’t I make some use of it. So I rounded up a few friends, and my son Charlie and we signed up for it. Well the day came, a few of the lads couldn’t make it so Charlie, Edmund (he’s my posh friend) and myself joined the cavalcade at Walsden. It seemed more near Lancashire to me, Charlie and myself cycled both ways, Luddendenfoot to Walsden on the canal, picked up Edmund in Todmorden and rode to Walsden on the canal, where we, and other cyclists waited for the guys who were cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats. Well the cavalcade arrived and about 50 of us cycled on the roadway back to Halifax, with school kids waving us off from each point of call. It was a brilliant day for a brilliant charity like CFFC. I would like to thank my son Charlie, my posh friend Edmund for making it the best day I have had this year. So next time anything like this happens, get on yer’ bike and join in.


Congratulations to the team who raised £106,000 from the event – wowzer !
Article featured in RecoveryTimes issue 5