Festival of Light

Back in November the Managers of the Sikh Leisure Centre invited The Corner; Larry Eve, Marie Reilly, Clare Earle, James McCord, Michael Walker, Alan Dickinson and Wayne Cartwright to celebrate DIWALI, The Festival of Light at the leisure centre.

We had a three course buffet which was provided by Lalas. It was fabulous and met everybody’s taste!

There was a stand-up comedian and entertainment by an up and coming band called “Amazing Little Stars”. They had the guests singing and dancing throughout the night (us being the loudest!)


One of the guests was the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire who remembered us from visiting The Corner last summer. He congratulated us on all the hard work we have done and how well the program works in our Community. The highlight of the night was meeting the Lord and Lady Mayoress of Kirklees. We talked about the work we do and how we help people in the Community. The Lord and Lady gave us a photo opportunity, Larry Eve, James McCord and Michael Walker jumped straight in there!

The Sikh community made us feel very welcome. We had a fantastic night and felt very honoured to be asked as their guests.

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