Educating University of Huddersfield

TBRP was invited to give a presentation to 2nd year undergraduate student nurses at Huddersfield University on the subject of alcohol and drug addiction, recovery and all that goes with it.

Danielle and I were asked if we would share our experiences from chaos to recovery and describe our journey so far. How could we refuse an opportunity to talk about something we are experts in – our own recovery.

From a personal point of view this was a very important one to do for me because it was a good opportunity to show how addiction really affects people’s lives and just how deep it goes; physically mentally, emotionally and spiritually in addition to the prejudice we sometimes face, after all some of these students would potentially be working in the field of addiction and most at least would have to deal with addicts at some point in the future.

Stuart gave a brilliant presentation on the history of treatment and recovery and how government policy is changing to meet the needs of people wanting to be free from their drug or alcohol addictions. They have a long way to go but in sharing my story I like to think I am doing my bit too.

This was the feedback from the day;

“Dave and Danielle achieved what (as a lecturer) I could only hope to and that is keep the class riveted! A pin drop could have been heard while they were speaking about the challenges they have faced and the day to day battle they have to remain in recovery. We all felt privileged to have them speak to us and felt humbled by their commitment and bravery.

We all wish them well with their recovery and thank you for sharing their lives with us.

Thank you again,
Ruth and the 2nd year student nurses at
University of Huddersfield

P.S. … The Basement is the best!”

Thanks Ruth, see you again next year ! – Ed.

Article by Dave.

Article featured in RecoveryTimes issue 4