CoAchieve – Routes into Employment

Kirklees Children and Adults have commissioned a new service that is tasked with the provision of an employment service for individuals in recovery from substance misuse. The service, (which accepts both agency and self referrals), called CoAchieve is a partnership between Horton Housing and The Basement Recovery Project and went live on the 1st July 2013.

By providing routes into recovery/abstinence and then volunteering/unpaid work, work placements and eventually sustained employment the CoAchieve project is determined to provide hope and deliver aspirations for individuals that have, in the past, been written off.

The project has reference points for accepting individuals onto the programme; these reference points, which are stability and a measured ability to fully engage with the programme, are in place to ensure no individual is set up to fail.

“By working alongside existing key stakeholders in Kirklees we aim to develop and deliver a holistic service that puts the needs, aspirations and wellbeing of the individual at the forefront of the work it does”. (David Holt CoAchieve Manager).

The CoAchieve project will use Recovery Navigators to facilitate the individual’s journey to a point where they are ready to undergo Entry 2 Employment work with dedicated keyworkers. Once an employed position has been secured keyworkers will work closely with the individual and employers providing support to both, the project hopes to sweep away preconceived ideas about addiction and substance/alcohol misusers and prove that they can be valued and valuable employees and positive members of society.

Project staff see the route back into employment as fraught with difficulties, but feel that the service is designed in such a way that it will give individuals the tools to overcome these difficulties.

CoAchieve is co-based with The Corner Recovery Project at the Sikh Leisure Centre, Huddersfield and can be contacted on: 01484 411862

Article featured in RecoveryTimes issue 5