What they can’t teach you in class

Students from Calderdale College came to visit the Basement Recovery Project so they could gain a deeper understanding of how such projects are run and what they are about. The students are currently on the Health and Social Care course and are looking to work in the health and social care sector, so their tutor thought that it would be great idea for the students to actually visit some of the health and social care organisations within Calderdale.

The students initially came in to the building not quite sure of what to expect. They had their own preconceived thoughts and ideas about people with drug and/or alcohol problems – most people do. However the Basement’s Community Recovery Organisers soon put them at ease and reassured them we’re all just people, our message being “we are not bad people getting good, we are sick people getting well”. We explained the importance of what we do surrounding the stigma associated with drink and drugs and that at some point we all thought “it can’t / won’t happen to me”. Passing the message on that addiction doesn’t target the down and out, the guy on the park bench, the jobless, homeless etc. – That is where addiction takes you!

The students were welcomed in to a room where the Community Recovery Organisers did a presentation about what the Basement Recovery Project does and who it helps. This included the roles and responsibilities of our Recovery Coaches, Volunteers and Community Recovery Organisers. They gained an understanding of the group sessions that are undertaken to help support clients before, during and after coming to the project and listened to a personal story about a Community Recovery Organiser’s journey into recovery. Students and their tutors fully interacted and asked many questions about our organisation. The students left with not only an understanding of the purpose of the project but an understanding of the problems and challenges faced by those with alcohol and drug addiction.

If you would like your organisation to visit and learn more about what we do and how we help our local community, please send the Community Recovery Organiser team an email; betterthanwell@hotmail.com


Article featured in RecoveryTimes issue 3