Calderdale in Recovery FC

Blackburn Rovers Community TrustOh the beautiful game, the beautiful game… I’m talking about football of course because we now have a 5 a-side footy team and it’s called “Calderdale in Recovery”. Well, I say “we” but it is open for all services to get involved. At the moment it’s just the Basement Recovery Project and CSMS and let me tell you we have a got a great bond from both services. Well I’ll crack on shall I and tell you how we have been doing and how you can get involved. It started a few months ago and do you know what? I was on this team for all of half an hour because just as I was getting into my new career as a 5-a-side football star I rolled over on my ankle tore a ligament. My career was over before it had even started. Anyway enough about me, let’s talk about the real footballers.

Every month we and the CSMS boys go to Blackburn Rovers indoor 5 a-side training ground at Ewood Park. The lads have done brilliantly and won most games, only lost a few, and we are (at the time of printing) second in the “Café Hub Recovery League”. Not only is it a beautiful game it’s an opportunity to keep fit and healthy as well as enjoying a challenge but it is also a chance to meet our fellow recoverees in the other teams; Boys from the Brink, Discover FC, Lifeline, Café Hub, Regent FC, Thomas FC, Inspire FC, Evolve FC, Unity City FC and Kirkham Recovery FC.

I want to give a special mention to our Scott, one of our new CRO members because I have passed the baton on to him to organise, and he’s very passionate about it and like any guy (or should I say real men, lol), he also likes the beautiful game, so thanks my friend for taking the lead.

If there are any other services out there in Calderdale who are interested in taking part and joining “Calderdale in Recovery FC” then talk to Scott at TRBP. If you are reading this from further afield and want to know more about the indoor leagues specifically please contact Chris Pettigrew on 01254 296126 or e-mail him – I went to a tournament with the team, and although I could not play, I enjoyed myself immensely, so can you, so let’s get it on my friend.


Article featured in RecoveryTimes Issue 3