Basement House Update

TBRP have recently been awarded some funds through the ‘Grants for Health’ scheme and the Community Foundation for Calderdale.

This generous award has provided disabled access facilities and a clinical room to extend the access for more people to address their lifestyle behaviour, beyond that of their substance/alcohol issues.

Research has been carried out amongst our newly emerging recovery population which demonstrates that for many of our clients, whilst addressing their using behaviours was a step to recovery, many had other physical and mental issues/illnesses that had been masked for years through using. These additional clinical facilities will help TBRP to provide a holistic package of care that addresses the wider health needs of our community.

The new facilities are part of an overall expansion of TBRP provision. This will increase our capacity to meet the increased requirements of outcomes from our commissioners. In addition, the facilities will enable the NHS/Health Services to deliver health provision at the point of need for this group of people.

96% of our clients come from disadvantaged sections of the community. These people would not usually access health care, nutritional advice or health advice as a priority. Bringing the services to where they are at will reduce the inequalities they face.

The new facilities provide a holistic package of care to clients. Previously we offered a ‘social’ and psychosocial response to client needs. Now we are able to provide for some of the medical needs for our clients. Clients will be able to use the centre as a one-stop service to address their substance/alcohol misuse issues. Clinicians now have access to providing health screening, and we have recently facilitated the Hepatitis Trust in providing screening for our clients at the Breakfast Club.

We have a client/volunteer who accesses the clinical room and receives acupuncture sessions to alleviate the symptoms of his mental health condition. Our client has been able to reduce his medications and is able to participate more fully in everyday functions and is now enjoying a better quality of life.

This service has also opened his mind to trying other support/therapeutic interventions and our client/volunteer now attends Healthy Mind sessions at VAC and our Here and Now sessions at TBRP.

Having the capacity to provide in-house services has opened up new channels of health interventions at a minimal cost.

Article featured in RecoveryTimes issue 4