600,000 Reasons to Run

bradfordrunThere isn’t just one reason to run the Epilepsy Action Bradford 10k (6.2 miles), there are 600,000! That’s the number of people living with epilepsy in the UK right now. So on Sunday 25th March, Clayton and myself set about the challenge.

We were both a bit bleary eyed as we had to be there before 8.15 am, the route being closed off to traffic. Also it didn’t help the clocks having gone forward an hour that weekend.

Along with more than a thousand runners we set off from Centenary Square on a circular route to Frizinghall and back, the route being mainly flat. The weather was kind to us, it was quite cold initially but soon warmed up.

This was the fifth annual event with runners coming from all across Yorkshire. The first run being in 2008 where 500 runners entered.
The men’s race winning time was 33:52 whilst the women’s winning time was 39:48. I finished in 46:17 and Clayton finished in 46:47.

I would recommend anybody to do it, as well as running for a worthwhile cause the camaraderie was absolutely brilliant giving you a fantastic sense of achievement. It’s a fantastic race for beginners and those in search of their personal bests!

There will be the same again next year, on Sunday 24th March 2013, 9:00 am start.

For more information visit: http://www.epilepsy.org.uk/involved/bradford10k


*I’m sure Alison won’t mind us saying that to run this event when this time three years ago she was lying in a hospital bed, yellow, thin to the bone and in a coma having nearly died twice because of her drinking, this is an amazing story of Recovery – Ed.

Article featured in RecoveryTimes issue 3